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by the way, is the title inspired by "stephens sausage roll"?


Yes absolutely ! This is why i named it like that, its a tribute to the greatest puzzle game ever made ^^


I just watch a video about "stephens sausage roll" while playing this game and I will say other than the price, it's really underrated, also fuck the last two level, spend a total of 3 god damn hours on the last two XD, glad I did cause it's so creative the way you have to solve it that you wouldn't believe that this is made in 4 DAYS


also is the congratulate level is a one time thing? cause the blocks are gone and I want to re-experience it cause I had my headphones down when I go serious mode XD

For every level you solve, you unlock few blocks for the final stage, you can't get the ending if you skip levels ^^. When you finish, the game restarts and clear your progress. 

Stephen's Sausage Roll is often at a 70% discount during steam sales, it is a must have and is clearly worth the full price. I almost never played it because of the price and i am pretty sure so many people missed this masterpiece for the same reason. Once you finish it, you understand how 30$ is cheap considering the amount of work that has been done to design so many puzzles with unique solutions.

makes sense :D