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Picke Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. That's what I thought after seeing this old man beating stuff. I like its graphical style, nice music too and the menu looks quite decent (except for that green in the buttons xD). But overall yeah, GUIs are pretty nice.

I think I found a bug regarding weapons, though nothing really problematic here. At my first attempt I got a flamethrower, sniper and assault. Then died against the first wave of enemies since I hadn't grasped the controls (took me a while to notice that text that says Q to change weapon). But still I was trying my weapons, and the enemies just flanked me. But yeah. Here comes the bug I mentioned, sorry. After dying, I gave it a retry and for some reason it kept saying me I had the weapons. So yeah, nothing critical, just a minor bug.

I think enemy waves could use some variety, they're just flanking enemies everywhere. Also why are those robots at the center helping you? I guess they help, even if at first I thought they were trying to kill me. But yeah, nice work guys. Pickle Riiiiiiiiiiiiick. I'm taking as given you people know Rick and Morty.