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I really like the mood in this one, really spooky.

I seem to be stuck, though. After the message 'mother is getting angry now' I seem to get pushed out of bounds, like I'm standing on a big flat plane and I can see some walls and a door above me that I can't reach. It's happened twice in a row.

Hi Aergia. Thanks getting in touch. That was actually a bug that I fixed two days ago so I think if you download it again you should be able to get a bit further. Sorry about that! 

I downloaded it just shortly before I posted this so I'm afraid it's still there :/ It's the Windows version.

It felt like it was the little stalker guy/moster that hit me and pushed me through the wall, looked like I was on a balcony or something, I could move around the outside of the level or walk off the edge onto the plateau. Hope that makes sense!