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Hey, love the game 

and  outfit gallery the pj isn't showing up (could be a mac thing idk) 

also is shiloh's swimming attire not available to get because I got no options of a swimming type date? (Yes I am mainly focusing on unlocking the outfits lol)


Thanks for letting us know about the pajamas!

If you're playing the free version Shiloh's swimming date is unavailable. That's a DLC exclusive event (the work uniform also can't be unlocked in the free version). If you have the paid version you'll need to unlock the beach date spot, have Shiloh as your official boyfriend, and be in Spring/Summer to have the option of watching his swimsuit date.

Hopefully that helps! Thanks for giving the game a go.

Okay played through most of the route and wanted to say this in case it's a bug.

 So, every swimming type date isn't available until you couple the guy correct? Well Pran had his beach thing available in the first year as a non couple (and since he was the only one like that I wasn't sure if this was on purpose, but then I noticed the couple nickname you hear later. So yeah, probably a bug?)

Thanks for letting us know about that. We'll look into it!