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Is it hard? rn I haven't played through yet but I do wanna find all the deaths(but it sounds hard without a guide)

well probably yes you will need the updated download usually, but save file should be fine unless stated otherwise


Happy April 1st but also why does it look super pretty

Oh my god so many branching paths

You guys released this game so fast. This was probably my favorite story from you guys. I feel like I'm missing something from Alto's route, but I can't tell. 

Also one of the CE from the end doesn't show up in the gallery(Spoiler: The one waking up, with shaved hair)

Encouraging us to find ways to kill ourselves lol jk

Haha at quick glance I didn't realize you guys are the ones who did Freak-Quency and Amplitude. Same art style, and more action comic looking. 

I knew I recognized that art style!!

I wanna just say I always expected a joke about bae's name and never got it until now XD

I think I did start a new game before, I'm not sure what happen. 

So now I redownload the game and started the route to get through Mikio's day 10, turns out I missed like this whole scene! The scene from the bamboo forest to the getting hired at the restaurant. I don't know where it branched off, but the sake scene was where I started from the first play through(weird). Anyways it worked! I got the memories to work thanks.

It's the full game and yes I'm sure it's the right icon. 2nd last one

Yes, thank you for answering ^^

The image stays grey and I can't click on it. I can click on the MC and Hayato's memory though, they work fine.

I wanted to ask this, I remember you saying that this is going to a longer game compared to Winged Ones, how many chapters do you expect to be in this game? You've might have stated this somewhere before, but I couldn't find anything. (Sorry if you said it before)

I wanted to ask if Mikio's memory section is working. I think I got all the endings, but I couldn't check. I'm using a mac (if there's any difference) so it just might be a problem for only macs i don't know.

^(o-o^) Comics!


Mac games are always weird. When I open the game it doesn't open, the logo will pop up on the bottom with nothing else.

This can happen to most mac games so usually I open the file content and click the mac folder that opens the terminal. Just entering the terminal and clicking enter or space usually does the trick, but sadly this time nothing worked.

I can't open the mac version T_T help anyone?

The beginning part made me laugh so much X'D 

D: also sorry you felt lonely, I always look forward to your updates.

ooooo seems interesting. I like the main character's personality and her methods of getting guys to date her, so this seems fun to out-stubborn a guy lool

Super excited T w T although I have to get some assignments done by this week I'll end up procrastinating by playing this tomorrow~

They don't do constant updates, but if you've seen on tumblr the recent update tells whats up. Basically they're going to release the routes separately, so they have something out while they finish up the other routes (CGs and what not). Voice acting is not completed, due to scheduling. Hayato's route should be out Oct 5th, and with refunds it's hard when everyones ends up getting a refund, but they are complying to those who want refunds. It's not like they're being ignored. So, I think it's fair if they give people their refunds. Ah and if you refund your preorder, but then later see the game available it's gonna be $20. Those who preorder got a good deal despite the wait.

^^;; Sounds like a tough week

I hope you don't stress yourself too much, and have a better week

Okay played through most of the route and wanted to say this in case it's a bug.

 So, every swimming type date isn't available until you couple the guy correct? Well Pran had his beach thing available in the first year as a non couple (and since he was the only one like that I wasn't sure if this was on purpose, but then I noticed the couple nickname you hear later. So yeah, probably a bug?)

Hey, love the game 

and  outfit gallery the pj isn't showing up (could be a mac thing idk) 

also is shiloh's swimming attire not available to get because I got no options of a swimming type date? (Yes I am mainly focusing on unlocking the outfits lol)


I had that problem, but it gave me 0 hp after I died once. I decided to replay it to maybe fit that problem and it's at -20 hp