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The mini guide is up!

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I went to the kickstarter and found the key for or steam. You need to send it on there. mini-guide I have no idea

Ok found both the key and the guide right underneath, look in messages on kickstarter 

sitting politely

So excited for this I can't wait

Try right clicking Show package contents>Open folder> open MacOS> click the game's name

This is a trick i use when I played VN on mac

This game is nostalgic

Please tell me we get to see Neri's crush XD

I really like this, the traits of our character link to how well the stats will raise. I feel like its very clear and had an easier time. I kinda struggled with royal alchemist

Why is there an actual psycho down voting anything said on here

try right clicking Show package contents>Open folder> open MacOS> click the game's name

This is a trick I use playing visal novel games on mac

On Gunther's route near the end of the game there were flashback cg and one with Arya's cg 

I'm late to say it but Happy Birthday I hope it was good one!

I'm really curious about how the farming part of the game work. Been on a farm game binge so this is right up my alley! You guys say its inspiration from stuff like stardew valley, will it work like a 3D farm or simple click and manage?

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Take care! doctors are watching o_o

Played your other games and I enjoy reading the story and romance. I hyped to play this

*Clap* yay great job o/

Oh the mcs are cute *scrolls down and sees emrys of Sheorya* .....NICE

Ahhhh I miss some of the count downs its here!!!!

T 0 T It's been so long but we're finally at the end. I can't wait to see this finished. 

(bless your gacha)

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I like D and E

35 + CG dang

You got this!

Keep up the good work its so enjoyable. I remember everyone waiting in anticipation for the last episode 

Mac user here. I can open the game but only when I Show Package Contents>Content>MacOS>NusantaraLoTWO basically go into terminal and click enter it will start. This is a trick i use to open most VN games on 

Love the game so far I only did Ikki, but I love that there were new scenes between sweet and friend route! I do wish there was a gallery for this. Overall cute game! So many lines made me think oh no what is this foreshadowing!!

Is it hard? rn I haven't played through yet but I do wanna find all the deaths(but it sounds hard without a guide)

well probably yes you will need the updated download usually, but save file should be fine unless stated otherwise


Happy April 1st but also why does it look super pretty

Oh my god so many branching paths

You guys released this game so fast. This was probably my favorite story from you guys. I feel like I'm missing something from Alto's route, but I can't tell. 

Also one of the CE from the end doesn't show up in the gallery(Spoiler: The one waking up, with shaved hair)

Encouraging us to find ways to kill ourselves lol jk

Haha at quick glance I didn't realize you guys are the ones who did Freak-Quency and Amplitude. Same art style, and more action comic looking. 

I knew I recognized that art style!!

I wanna just say I always expected a joke about bae's name and never got it until now XD

I think I did start a new game before, I'm not sure what happen. 

So now I redownload the game and started the route to get through Mikio's day 10, turns out I missed like this whole scene! The scene from the bamboo forest to the getting hired at the restaurant. I don't know where it branched off, but the sake scene was where I started from the first play through(weird). Anyways it worked! I got the memories to work thanks.

It's the full game and yes I'm sure it's the right icon. 2nd last one

Yes, thank you for answering ^^