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Hi ! Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you liked the game (and download the right version, thanks Aurélien !). Yeah, I've made a lot of mistakes on the English version. And I wanted to say "chase" instead of "purchase", sorry ! Wow, shame, I guess I was really tired for this one...

Mmm, normally you can't find the note for Zoltan only if you're still in the Lina's timeline (with the Purple screen tone), but when you return to the real world, you can still find it. (I'm gonna check to be sure tho...) It's not intuitive that the note disappear, but it's for avoid go in the Lina dimension, then in the Zoltan dimension, because when you exit Zoltan dimension after this, real world and Lina dimension are kind of "blended together" and it's weird (but you were still able to finish the game in this situation).

The game was a bit experimental with lot of unintuitive / unintroduced elements, and lot of small mistakes, but i'm really happy you had a good time with it despite of that ! Thank you for the review <3


Thanks for the clarification, and thanks to Aurelien for pointing me in the right direction. I wasn't aware that it was updated since there wasn't any indication, sorry about that.

I'm not sure if the bug is replicable. I was wondering around collecting notes while in Lina's timeline, and the place where Zoltan's note should have been was empty. When I completed that timeline, I went back to check (since it was rather odd that there was an entire room with nothing in it), but there was still nothing there until the next playthrough.

The game was still very fun despite some hiccups. Well done again! :D