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I found your game because of a YouTube show called Free Indie Rapid Fire.  We're asked to review the games, and I figured I'd post it here.

This game was quite delightful and has a really fun concept to boot.  I love it when a game has a silly concept like this, and also makes it work.  My only issues with this are very technical.  I felt your hand was blocking a bit too much of the screen (though that might have been the point) and I've had a couple times where the arfs died out.

All of the dogs are named and I sort of wish they're named after real-life animals too.  Like maybe a couple of them are based off of pets the dev owned in his life.


thanks so much for posting  + playing and for the feedback!! this is rad!

all the puppos in the game are in fact based on irl doggos -- there's a list of all the very good dog owners in the credits!

nice vid!!