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Will Herring

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hell yeah!!! that score rules!!!!!!

hi there! i’m happy to give you a refund. shoot me the details at and i’ll do just that!

i’m so glad you enjoyed it! i know all those happy digital pups enjoyed being pet, too

you won the game!!

oh no!! my guess is you went into the room with the pup, the pup stopped barking when you entered, but you got turned around and went another way! sorry for that v rude arfer!

thanks so much! i used doodle studio 95 to draw + animate all of the UI elements!

hahaha thank you!!

amazing!! thank you so much for playing!

thanks so much for playing!!

woo thanks for playing!!

heck yeah, u hit the dab like a pro!!

way to go dad!!

heck yeah!! thanks so much for playing!

thanks so much for playing!

wooo, thank you for playing!!

argh, sorry for the trouble! drop me a line at with a crash report if you have one + any additional details if you can!

so glad you enjoyed it!! unfortunately there's no way to adjust the resolution, but you can toggle fullscreen with alt + enter!

snickers is a premier pup imho!!!

oh no!! very sorry, i haven't heard of that issue! what OS are you running on? can you try deleting, re-downloading and re-installing?

all good!! thanks so much for playing!


aw yay!! thanks so much for playing!

thanks so much!!

woo i'm glad you had fun with it!!

wooo thank you for playing!

i love you for playing it!!!

hey there! yes! i'm traveling but when i'm back at my computer i can hunt the files down for you.


oh goodness, i've never heard of this before! what machine/OS are you playing on?

whoa, amazing!! thanks so much for letting me know!

woo, doggos for life!

so glad to hear! thanks for playing!

woo, thanks for playing!!

thank you!!

so glad you liked it! yep, each house layout is procedurally generated but limited in scale, size, and room possibilities based on player progress!

thank you for playing!

hahah, thanks so much!! it's secretly a survival horror game.

thanks for playing it!! yes, i've gotten some requests for that – one day i hope to crack this guy back open and tweak a few things under the hood.

thank you!!

thanks for playing!!