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Will Herring

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hey there! are you having trouble with anything in particular?

thanks very much!!

thank you!!

thanks so much!!! ❤️❤️

very sorry for the delay! can i bug you to email the error message and crash log to: will@likethefish.net? i'll see what i can figure out!

ahh that's so strange! i haven't encountered any crashing issues -- very sorry it's giving you trouble. is it giving you an error message or just crashing straight to desktop and closing the game?

oh no!! so sorry for the trouble -- is the game crashing on you when you try to open it? what OS are you on?

thanks so much!! and yesss, mission hill for life!

that's very kind!! the art was all done by me and my dumb hands!

nice!! the pups are v proud! thanks for playing!

thanks so much for posting  + playing and for the feedback!! this is rad!

all the puppos in the game are in fact based on irl doggos -- there's a list of all the very good dog owners in the credits!

haha, oh no!! sorry about that! i've definitely gotta get a mouse sensitivity slider in there for the next build!

omg, this is amazing!!!

i'm glad you had fun with it!! the dogs are randomly chosen, but there are more/less complex algorithms behind each party layout that's generated based on gameplay!

i appreciate it!!

thanks for playing! i'd appreciate it if you could change the name of your video since it isn't the official trailer -- thanks!!

oh man, maybe!! i'll have to look into that!

thank you!!

hahaha, thank you!!

i'm so glad!!

ty ty ty!!!

hahaha no sweat!! thanks so much for playing!

there is!! it works in both fullscreen and windowed mode!

this is great!! thank you so much!

hahaha, this is great! thanks for playing!

hahaha, a free roam pup pet mode is definitely on the roadmap! v glad these virtual pups were a nice distraction -- best of luck on your exams!!

<3 <3 <3

thanks so much!!! all the game stuff was done in unity!

so glad you liked these puppos!

hahaha thanks so much!!

I'd be very interested in that new UI replacement asset!

Thanks so much for the speedy reply! I'll go ahead and try rebuilding my UI without using Unity UI, but apologies in advance if I bug you for help in the near future.

And yes! I'd be thrilled to take a look at that anchor code if it isn't too much trouble. Feel free to shoot me a note at grey2scale@gmail.com whenever's convenience.

(And again, the asset's super fantastic otherwise! It's helping me bring some very specific text ideas I had to life, so thanks again for your work on this.)

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had any luck with this. I snagged Super Text Mesh a week or two ago and it's been super fantastic so far, but adding inline images/quads to UI text causes Unity to stop responding when I go into play mode, and I have to force quit each time. Anyone happen to have clues to workarounds or solutions?