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Will Herring

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holy moly!! 👑



9960 rules!!

u did great!!


turns out you are the best this score rules!!


holy moly!!!!


your majesty!!!!

oh no! what browser are you using? you might need to give it a try on Chrome or Brave!


thank y'all so much for playing!!

thank you for playing!! argh, unfortunately the floor glitch cropped up when i updated the game builds for 64-bit devices earlier this year -- 2020 unity and 2017 unity don't see eye to eye on how floors work in this one 😭

oh no, i'm so sorry to hear! my computer situation is a little up in the air at the moment, but i can try to export another linux build in a few weeks. apologies for the trouble!

unfortunately i didn't think to put one in when i made it, apologies for the inconvenience!

finn is secretly the best pup tbh!!

Hey there! Alt+Enter should do the trick!

augh, I’m sorry for the glitch!! did the house appear at all or did you just fall straight through the floor before you could see the environment? my current computer situation is making it tricky to squash bugs right now but i wanna take a look and see what’s causing it when I can!

i'll definitely try!! the floor bug will likely be present, so apologies in advance, but i'll try to get this exported in the next few days

thank you so much for the kind words and for playing!! the speedrun community are my heroes 😭

hey there, just added a linux build! i can't test on my end unfortunately but hopefully it runs!

so sorry for the trouble! i just rolled back the PC build to what should be a more stable version. please redownload when you get a moment and see if that fixes it!

okay! i just rolled back the PC build to what should be a more stable build. please redownload when you get a moment and see if that fixes it!

oh no, so sorry for the trouble! exported the last build on a Mac but gonna re-export again on a PC in a bit and see if I can fix this.

thank you for this!! yes, the 64-bit build should be Catalina friendly — just right click and select “open” from that menu and you should be good to go!

working on this! I gotta get access to a PC to export for linux but hoping to do so soon — thanks for your patience!

that's so so lovely to hear!! thank you both so much for playing. and yes, all of those digital dogs are based on very good IRL pups, each a perfect creature!

hey there! i made this one in Unity!

hey there! i used Unity to make this one, and i used the wonderful Super Text Mesh asset by Kai Claiver:

alright, just added the 64-bit build above! let me know if you have any trouble downloading it!

yes, absolutely! working on this!

so sorry for the trouble! happy to offer a refund via paypal and gonna try to dig into this

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I'd love to add Pet the Pup to the Party to this bundle if possible!

oh no, I’m so sorry! can you tell me a bit more about the machine + os you’re running on?

oh heck yeah!

thank you for playing!

thank you for playing!

hell yeah!!! that score rules!!!!!!