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Very cute game! I loved the chameleon character and the music was adorbs. Graphics were pleasant and painterly, while still keeping an element of ms paint crudeness. Very characterful. I also liked that the game had a paint/color theme. Controls were nice and responsive. I like the jumping a lot. At first, the upwards momentum felt sudden, but it worked well. Level design was okay. I felt there were a lot of parts where you're just running along an empty path with nothing happening. I understand it's more a puzzle platformer than action, but it just felt tedious. Either faster running speed or more compact levels would fix this. Also I encountered a bug on the 3rd level where a crate got stuck:

All in all though, a solid game. Nice work!


Hi @cortop! Thanks for your comment, I'm very happy that you have the game. I confess that I really failed to fill in the stages, but I can guarantee that I will make the necessary modifications so that the game does not become something so stopped.
I could not see your bug image, but I'm testing phase 3 again and as soon as I simulate the error I'll fix it.

Again thank you very much and I made a note with our team for more games like this! :)


Hello cortop!

Thanks a lot for the comment! We are glad to know that you enjoyed the game!

Happy to know that we succeeded in keeping the MS Paint feeling!

Thanks for the feedbacks, and for the suggestions too. They are very important to us. We'll take note and take into consideration for future updates.

I tried to open the bug image that you've posted, but it was broken. Do you mind in posting it again?