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Diego Manarim

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Wonderful game, incredible puzzle and with a very good flow! I loved!

Hello @evoelise! Thank you very much for playing our game and for notifying us of the error with the box, we are testing the phases again and once we validate all possible errors with the boxes, we will send a new version here.

Again thank you very much and continue with us for more games! :)

Hi @cortop! Thanks for your comment, I'm very happy that you have the game. I confess that I really failed to fill in the stages, but I can guarantee that I will make the necessary modifications so that the game does not become something so stopped.
I could not see your bug image, but I'm testing phase 3 again and as soon as I simulate the error I'll fix it.

Again thank you very much and I made a note with our team for more games like this! :)