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Hi Robert awesome Im just looking at love now it looks interesting! What was the animation for the laser is aswell. Or if it was an effect built into the engine would you be able to draw please? I look forward to using your sprites in my project.

I've used a particle system. Most engines provide some Particles class/component/object/whatever. What is does it spawns the same multiple instances of the same image (particles) and moves them independently - useful for smoke, fire (fireballs), fur etc[*].

You can learn more about the topic here: You mentioned  C2 (I assume it's Construct2) before so here's probably better explanation for your needs:

I understand you want to achieve similar effect to the one in the gif. I doubt if it's possible with frame-based animation. If tried it'd look worse and programming part would definitely be more complex (considering changing animation on collisions, and handling angles); therefore I'm not going to include it into the tileset. If one need a simpler projectile one can use just a single image.

That being said here you have a gif:   taken directly from the game of mine (that I'll never finish). In any case I encourage you to learn about the particles in your game engine of choice anyway. As a rule of thumb - the more particles the better game :D.

[*] probably not entirely valid definition :)