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I can't wait for the release!

Pixel platform JAM community · Created a new topic Voting

Hi guys there's 3 days left until you can vote. People who have entered and submitted will be allowed to vote good luck! All the games look great!

could there be a smooth transition between walk and crouch walk?

great pack definately woth the money!

Hi I love the assets and plan to use them for an upcoming game. Would you be able to draw a few custom sprites for me in your spare time? You will be given full credit and its only a few!

Nice try my game here aswell

Hi @AceWay I love the assets! Would you be able to draw me a game title and a few  more assets please get in contact with me through my webpage there is a contacts form found here

P.S what screen size did you use?

Hi Robert thanks for the gif I have converted it into frames and i am using sadly I dont use C2 anymore. Do you have a gif for the orb where the player hits it creating the other gif you gave me thanks in advance!

Hi Robert awesome Im just looking at love now it looks interesting! What was the animation for the laser is aswell. Or if it was an effect built into the engine would you be able to draw please? I look forward to using your sprites in my project.

Hi robert Brilliant assets ! In the gif (top right of the screen) where the player switches the mirror how did you do the laser effect and what engine did you code it in was it C2? 

Update! My games here:

Nice game love the simpleness to it but its addictive! play mine through the link on my webpage here: