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So I could just be stupid but I can't find the lost people; I've sailed and looked in explore and sail mode. Could someone please help?

Also, I understand the 'historical accuracy' thing but it's kinda disappointing that you can't choose gender

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Hey, thanks for the comment. More customizable characters will be included in the next build. Here's a forum post to help with the shipwreck quest:

Forum/site is down. Granted this is three years ago, but I was enjoying the game, though there's obviously still work to be done on it and it seems it may have just been abandoned. I'm stuck on this part too, sailing around aimlessly trying to find a shipwreck like a needle in a haystack. Otherwise, once I got the hang of the UI/Mechanics, this game is really unique and fun to explore. I did realize in an earlier attempt that bows are useless without also taking a melee weapon/skill as once an animal has engaged you, you cannot run away or put distance between you to continue using your bow. If you return to development, it might be good to allow the bow skill to include dagger skill with it or at least allow you to get away from an animal if it's your only weapon.

I had to shut the forum down due to massive bot issue. Have to see if I can reinstante it somehow in read-only mode. Yeah, this project is on hold at the moment. I want to get back to it at some point but the scope needs to be massively reduced and simplified. Been struggling with different things over the last few years, so game development has fallen in the list of priorities. I am sorry about that, because of the nice comments you guys still leave about it. I feel bad :(

Thanks for the reply. I completely understand. Development takes a lot of work, especially if you're the primary or only dev, and life comes first. I just discovered your game through a recommendation from the dev Lum here and really like it. It's got some issues as is of course, but overall it's got so much potential to be a favorite.
I did a fairly lengthy write-up in my rating/review, so if/when you return to it I listed a few things that could be addressed. Sorry if it's not very organized, I just got done playing and wanted to just get everything down.
I'd be happy to provide more input should you come back to it so feel free to message me if you want any assistance with feedback or testing.
You've done a wonderful job so far, and I hope to see more from you in the future. Thank you for sharing your work here. Good luck with your projects and with your irl issues. I hope everything works out for you.