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Hey-looks like a great game, and I'd love to try it, but for some reason it doesn't work with Wine. (Probably not very helpful, but I thought I'd let you know)

Has anyone had success running this on a Mac? Love this concept and everything about this game so much, I really want to be able to play it


I keep getting a black screen after taking the baggage to the gate. Is this supposed to happen and am I missing something. or-?

Very fun! the sound doesn't seem to be working, however. Still, incredibly well done!!!

For me, I don't have a x/10 or x/x number on sheets done; it's just straight up 'sheets done', seemingly endless.

Downloaded, but can't open it (using wine)

Stuck on the "tranquil fireworks are fitting" password, schematics folder, schematic/issue #2 or #3. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

fck i fell in love w/ luca WHOOPS

and by love I meant crush and really hoping i could get to know her...the message of this game is great, albeit a bit depressing to play (though I would never do anything like the portag's drastic shit in real life)

Was anyone else unable to open it w/ Wine?

I'm rightfully ashamed of how much I enjoyed this...haven't finished it, but I haven't given up yet!

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So I could just be stupid but I can't find the lost people; I've sailed and looked in explore and sail mode. Could someone please help?

Also, I understand the 'historical accuracy' thing but it's kinda disappointing that you can't choose gender