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Nice work! My favorite level was the one with the malfunctioning droid, good use of bespoke rules in service of telling a story. Only things that felt a little arbitrary by the end is exactly how the teleporting computers work, and which codes map to which keypads in the last level.

Possible bug: I finished the (last?) level but it softlocked when I stepped on the exit tile. Pressing the Boss Key somehow still worked, producing this ominous screen on return. I was able to save+quit with ESC and see the ending upon continuing. This is with the web version on Windows 10 + Chrome, FWIW.

Hey Noyb, long time no see! Thanks for the feedback. (Yes, that is the last level.)

That's a really weird bug I don't think I've seen before - glad it didn't stop you though. I'll be sure to patch it if I can track it down.

it also soft locks for me stepping on the exit tile in the last level (web version, mac chrome). is it supposed to roll an ending?