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Thanks, I've fixed the link!

Thank you! I'd love to come back to it at some point but I don't have any more puzzle ideas right now, haha

Just over 24 hours left and I still don't have anything resembling a game, but I have done a bunch of work improving the tooling of my Honeylisp environment so that I can now use it to make Bitsy-ish games that run on the Apple II without writing a line of code.

Fuck, dude. This is a JOURNEY.

Lots of nice atmospheric wombley loops. The sounds can be kind of anxious but the repetition has a calming effect.

This is soft and comfy. Reminds me a bit of Múm.

Hey Noyb, long time no see! Thanks for the feedback. (Yes, that is the last level.)

That's a really weird bug I don't think I've seen before - glad it didn't stop you though. I'll be sure to patch it if I can track it down.

Thanks! I'm very proud of the puzzle design, so it really makes my day when I hear from someone who got into it and didn't just bounce off the terrible maze in the second room :)

Wow, the PC speaker music clearly had a lot of love put into it!

Played this on my 286. It may not quite have been what you were originally aiming for, but I love how cryptic and glitchy this is! It reminds me of bringing home a batch of copied games from a friend that they copied from someone else, going through them one by one, and trying to make sense of something you just have no context for. Are the labels disappearing from the buttons because of a bug, or is my copy corrupted somehow? You can't ever know for sure! Those were the days.

(I'm not making fun here, I really have a lot of nostalgia for that experience, and have attempted to recreate it in my own games before.)

Really dig the hi-res EGA vibe and the old-school concept of what exploring a three-dimensional space should look like.

So many secrets I've yet to uncover! The controls are really solid, which is so key to a good platformer. I was sad when the high jump disappeared - I just want to fly around these levels like a monkey, haha. I feel like it'd be really satisfying to have just a little more control over the slide, so I could launch right into loooong jumps with it. Maybe I just have to practice :)  Love the addition of the dedicated gib key. Looking forward to see how it develops from here!

Runs really nicely on my 286. Nice Adlib music! Really gives me that melancholy SkyRoads feeling.

Schway, my friend.

I definitely found moving around to be trickier in DOSBox than on my actual hardware, probably because my actual hardware is much slower, so it's probably worth tweaking the movement logic a bit to improve the playability. I've somehow never heard of Interphase but it looks amazing and I'm flattered by the comparison! Thanks for playing!

Thank you!! I'm glad my art looks vaguely competent.

I appreciate how it specifically listens for movement keystrokes and then deliberately ignores them