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Eric Drechsel

A member registered Sep 20, 2016

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I then proceeded to win the next round, and then the AI deadlocked with one red ship left on the third. I guess there is a winning strategy :D


btw I don't feel like the balance is off. the challenge makes it replayable. I think the invaders have the advantage but there is some randomness in the move selection so i feel like I might win soon :D

I have been playing Invaders from Space for almost an hour and I have yet to win, but it feels so close!

I had a chess ai class at uni and I recall implementing min-max search algorithms, alpha beta pruning and so on.  Fun to turn-ize an arcade classic!

Story old as time, QA team learning to code out of necessity :)

Teleporting sometimes sends you out of bounds (imagine!). That happened to me in the endgame three times, till i figured out how to ( state.player state.player.x 1000 #nil) to get back in bounds.

Fennel looks fun, I might give it a go sometime.

Interesting to see more folks using (i know it from sway stuff). Small world!

Lovely game! I can't seem to find a way to map the fire button to my gamepad... It looks like the x key is hard coded?