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Eric Drechsel

A member registered Sep 20, 2016

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This is very good. Thanks for the experience!

that's roguelikes my friend, strategy and RNG. jump back in for another run!

thanks for the puzzle! 167

@jacklance, your itch creator page only shows one entry. I found your other stuff by manually typing 

Wow, this puzzle took me days, attempting, hitting surprising dead ends, unwrapping, resetting, etc. It wasn't so much difficult, as foreign from my comfortable genres (sokoban-likes etc). I had to learn new ways of seeing state and develop a novel set of strategies for pursuing and tracking intermediate progress. 

Once I understood the visual language, the solution came fairly easily, and left me wanting more in the same genre. Has anyone played with creating variants?

Pretty good for 72 hours :)

A couple of issues I saw:

- There's something glitchy with the initiative calculation, which I noticed when I had the diamond undies. It jumps around.

- At some point, I found an obstacle had blocked my return path, which was a soft lock. So the obstacles can appear after dungeon generation, it seems. It was when returning from a very long sequence of rooms.

I enjoyed it!

I think sad plants should be marked, rather than just showing when they change (state vs events)

Just finished playing through 100%, ~800 deaths and 400 minutes :D

I love a good ultra-hard puzzle-platformer with instant respawn.  You are a true master of the genre Siltocyn. 

I'm curious what your direct influences were. SMW Kaizo ROMhacks at all?

Janky yet satisfying, in the manner of Lost Vikings or Zelda BotW puzzle mechanics. Bangin' soundtrack.

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Interesting prototype. Is it currently possible to progress past the crow?

edit: I hadn't gotten the build action to work before, now I see.

You might also look into installing wine. It seems scary but once installed most windows games on itch should run perfectly (depending on your hardware/osx version). I use wine-crossover installed via brew from Gcenx's cask, see

I like the nested / linked levels. Not enough puzzle games with an open world design. maybe the completed puzzle room doors could be marked? 

I'll keep checking back and see how it's shaping up.

Great blend of light puzzling and platforming. Controlling the character is a pleasure, with satisfying controls, and polished movement mechanics such as the character lowering the crate when jumping to avoid ceiling bumps.

I really like the way you lay out the course each time by throwing blocks, leading to slight differences in the timings and distances each run.

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I was wondering if the issue might have to do with itch's iframe embedding method, so I tested with the copy you posted to ifarchive and sure enough, scrolling works fine there. 

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I notice that on tall screens, the text spills off the bottom and isn't scrollable, at least with Chromium. I zoom out, but on some of the longer screens it's pretty hard to read. I think I've seen that on other Twine games. If there were a way to enable scrolling that would be helpful.


I finally got to a screen that was too small to read zoomed out (steve escape), and resorted to devtools. 

html body #story { height: 100%; }
#story { overflow-y: scroll; } 

Only this doesn't include the "Continue" link that appears on some screens. For that I had to zoom out.

I'm playing Chuk and the Arena after having stumbled on 4x4 Archipelago a few days ago. So good!

Agat, thank you for sharing your talent for narrative, and for the careful polish you put into all the odd little corners of your games. ❤️

it also soft locks for me stepping on the exit tile in the last level (web version, mac chrome). is it supposed to roll an ending? 

I'm able to leave Thicketon in the Mac build of 3.1. The reroll indicator seems to still be layed out relative to the window dimensions rather than the viewport (screenshot , ^1) but that doesn't affect playability.

PS, I see that you uploaded a new build of Perilous Night too. I didn't mention it before, but Night also seemed to be affected by a similar issue, and it seems to be fixed by your latest build. Thanks!

^1:  The out-of-viewport fill pattern is the same in all PowerQuest games, and I've decided to assume it's a feature :D @PowerHoof

I tried the two Win builds on the same mac laptop using crossover-wine, and have more details:

- The regular windows build under wine behaves identically to the mac build (glitched reroll indicator, Thicketon exit hotspot is offscreen). This would make me think it's an issue with my particular display resolution, except I tried with various output resolutions and it's the same (both builds).

- The 1600x900 win build runs in a window under wine. If I set my display resolution to 1680x1050, I can fit the whole window and play without any issues.

Hey, just a heads up that the Mac build is i386, and Apple dropped support for 32 bit executables in Catalina. All the other titles I've tried are good.

> ./MacOS/Alluvium 

zsh: bad CPU type in executable: ./MacOS/Alluvium

[127] > file ./MacOS/Alluvium 

./MacOS/Alluvium: Mach-O executable i386

PS: I've been so enjoying playing all the PowerQuest titles on itch, and looking forward to Drifter! Thanks so much for putting such quality work out. ❤️

It seems like the interaction with Roberta is broken in the current build. When you give her the cleaning item, she says she's giving you a philosophy book but it doesn't show up in the inventory.

gonna play your perilous games on a windows box this eve tho :D

i didn't mention it, but the ui seems a somewhat busted on the mac build, compared with screenshots. The elements in the bottom right indicating when you have a reroll etc are glitched, maybe also due to layout issue 

Just finished. Another delightful puzzlescript journey. As I saw the last puzzle coming together, I felt some empathic anticipation for my pachyderm friend finally getting to touch skin to the cool stone floor of its home 🐘🛌

I think the big undo stacks are just the nature of the PuzzleScript medium, like the turning of the pages of a book. Once you've played enough PS games to be "native" they will feel natural. In their simplicity they afford some convenience for the player: hold the button to rapidly unwind the stack; reset from an interesting position to explore some alternative, then unwind through the reset to return to that state; even do so multiple times to maintain a stack of interesting alternative states. Rather like dog-earring pages in a book.

I can't seem to leave Thicketon (OSX build). Clicked all along the left side of the screen.

The program somehow doesn't have the executable bit set. I think later OSX versions do this to unsigned apps but not sure.

`chmod +x ~/Downloads/`

Then you can right-click -> Open to bypass the other "this app can't be opened" wall.

Gorgeous pixel art and lovely understated sound. Some interesting scaling mechanics, and the enemy AI is frustrating in an "I'll get you next time!" kind of way.

Not sure how much depth of play is possible in the jam version, since I haven't been able to get past a handful of samples (I haven't played with the lures yet for instance) but I could see this becoming quite absorbing with further polish.

I'm also curious about influences. A bit of vampire survivor?

I still don't know what some of the parts do. Maybe a list in the game description?

Hey, your game entertained me and my housemate for a good hour, quickly slapping together poorly-formed crafts and sending them out to see how much damage they could do. Cute graphics, good difficulty balance, and lots of fun. I'm glad you decided to finish the game, and hope you make more!

I'd also love to see this game polished a bit. It would be hilarious as an internet multi-player with random matching, or local split screen. Also, making the time available somehow variable (maybe some way to score time extensions in build mode?) would allow for actually using some of the parts like the flexible linkage.

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i also got no input after entering fullscreen (web version). reloading and staying out of fullscreen allowed me to play. i've seen this before with other games.

Good fun! I didn't win but I came close a few times. Dealing with the garbage dumps was hard, since they are heavy and need to be away from the center

It's something to do with 10.12 (same here). Download LOVE and drop the above file on it to play.

Also, amazing game!

Real stuck on level 20. How to get a square in the top right tile? Not room to back up. Am I missing some mechanic?

I then proceeded to win the next round, and then the AI deadlocked with one red ship left on the third. I guess there is a winning strategy :D


btw I don't feel like the balance is off. the challenge makes it replayable. I think the invaders have the advantage but there is some randomness in the move selection so i feel like I might win soon :D

I have been playing Invaders from Space for almost an hour and I have yet to win, but it feels so close!

I had a chess ai class at uni and I recall implementing min-max search algorithms, alpha beta pruning and so on.  Fun to turn-ize an arcade classic!

Story old as time, QA team learning to code out of necessity :)

Teleporting sometimes sends you out of bounds (imagine!). That happened to me in the endgame three times, till i figured out how to ( state.player state.player.x 1000 #nil) to get back in bounds.

Fennel looks fun, I might give it a go sometime.

Interesting to see more folks using (i know it from sway stuff). Small world!