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Thank you so much haha! 

My next plans are to start working on some things like icons for classes (warrior, mage, etc.) and more in-depth skill icons, but I'll definitely be returning to weaponry and equipment at some point, and hopefully some of that will be inspired by oriental warfare and some other cultures too. :D As always though, I'm very happy to hear suggestions if there's anything in particular you're looking for! <3

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OMG, I was thinking of also requesting you to make classes icons too! Mage, Warrior, Priest, Ranger and Knight are classes that you may make because is the common group you see in any fantasy game, but was wondering if you could also add some evil type classes icons like: Witch, Thief, Assasin, Necromancer and Cultist.


Oh yeah these are awesome ideas! Thanks so much, I'll definitely see about adding them in! :D