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Hey Raithza. Ive been watching gorn develope over the the past year and a bit, and i want to say that it is by far oke of the best VR games out there!

The graphics physics and controls are all just amazing!

I only have one problem with the game, which i know many others have too. I understand that gorn is meant to be a violent game, but for my younger brother, i think the blood is just a little too extreme. I understand there is piniata mode, but can you please add a setting for reduced blood/gore? 

Thankyou for the amazing game!


What's wrong with pinata mode? that's the entire point of it :)

You have piniata mode so that your brother can play,,when you punch its candy not blood so i dont see point to reduce blood,just put on piniata mode when brother play and again switch when you play ,,its so easy.