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Can you give me your email, its about business, you can send email to or just write here.


Can you send me your email on our if you dont want to other to see:


Yes no problem,,and when will be on steam we will than go for real marketing, media you have our fully support.

Best Regards Robert.

Ladrik i am VR Community Manager at  so if you dont mind can i put your game also on our website etc...or you want to wait till get game ends?

Great always... :)

Ladrik ..any news..mybe if you need donation for that awesome game??

I saw on youtube  CUSTOM MATCH that you can set gravity ,buger head etc...and when i go down its not there,,,i tallk on steam verzion

Is some news ,how its going Ladrik?

You have piniata mode so that your brother can play,,when you punch its candy not blood so i dont see point to reduce blood,just put on piniata mode when brother play and again switch when you play ,,its so easy.

try restart the game, somethimes also i dont have heand and restart game and then is okey, but it is raw alpha / demo so it lot of bugs...

When bear trap is close can u reopen and how if can?

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The game is great  and will be super cool if add COOP.

Also i want to help you to improve that cool game, where do i write here or on Stam ?

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Looking cool game, very interesting, just dont abandon the game and to be extra expensive like "69  Ways to Kill a Zombie"

Your game have great potencial so keep it great work and ppl will buy because is interesting game.

And be great when you kill zombie that drop ammo, because need ammo for weapons, and little more time betwen wave.