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So after playing for a short bit, I noticed a lot of flaws with this game. Here's a list of things I think could use an improvement:

- Please consider changing the controls, tank controls are terrible for an online game in 2017.

- Aiming is pretty weird. Sometimes the crosshair appears, sometimes it doesn't. I also noticed that the aiming isn't accurate with the mouse. 

- Sometimes gun shots will go through zombies.

- Stamina meter is too short.

- Animations need some serious rework. They're either really awkward, or they don't look seamless, and bones will twitch into place once the animation loops.

- The camera is directly behind the player, and so it's  difficult to see things directly in front of you. Slightly raising the camera and aiming in downwards would work a little better, or you could do the camera lock thing like Resident Evil 4.

- Voice acting isn't terrible, but it could be done a little better.

- The characters look great, but the environments need a serious remodel. Looks like a mobile game with this.

- It's too difficult for zombies to actually attack you. Whenever they do actually manage to attack, it's a miss.

- The login system is a bit strange. I've never seen an online game that doesn't use registration with a Email, & Password. The username and PIN is pretty weird.

Thanks for advice:

- What is "Tank controls"... If you mean W A S D keys for moving and rotating, they are used in other games too.

- Distance in the game can be: Near (below 5 meters), Normal (from 5 to 10 meters) and Far (15 meters and more). Crosshair icon is showing only on Normal distance. Some characters have skill for Far icon. So, if you Aim point at something far, you can't see crosshair. Mouse is used only for Up and Down for Aiming, Left and Right is with A D keys.

-  Yes sometimes this happens in very near distance. From normal and far distance you must be sure you pointing at zombies.

- Stamina bars recharging time is different for every character. For example Dimitri is big and slow, females are faster... Check Help menu in-game for more information.

-  Yes indeed.

-  Yes it's possible to be made this for default camera position. But the player have opportunity to rotate around the character and moving near or far the camera. Also with A D key rotation is hard to miss something near to you.

- Voice acting for females are made by real actor: and I am happy for this. But male characters are made with PC generated voice acting program. I plan to find real actors for the males in the future versions of the game.

- Yes they can be better.

- They have different Hit Rate, between 30-40% chance for miss. Also on every difficulty (Easy to Hard) they have different stats.

- This is temporary solution. I don't want to store complicated accounts on my host. Email & Password is the same like a Username & PIN (which can be remembered very easy). Also I don't have plans for options like a forgot password, change password and so on... Just I am not sure my host will be stable and online forever to store this data. Anyway in next versions I have better solution for this... but that's all for now, that I can say before next updates.