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OS: Windows 10: Home Edition (64bit)

CPU: Intel Core i5 @ 3.2 GHz (4 CPUs)



Resolution: 1440x900 (60Hz)

GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics

DirectX Version: 12 (All Acceleration Features Enabled.)

Direct3D DDI: 10

For a PS1 styled game, it shouldn't be this unoptimized. I can barely get 1 frame.

So after playing for a short bit, I noticed a lot of flaws with this game. Here's a list of things I think could use an improvement:

- Please consider changing the controls, tank controls are terrible for an online game in 2017.

- Aiming is pretty weird. Sometimes the crosshair appears, sometimes it doesn't. I also noticed that the aiming isn't accurate with the mouse. 

- Sometimes gun shots will go through zombies.

- Stamina meter is too short.

- Animations need some serious rework. They're either really awkward, or they don't look seamless, and bones will twitch into place once the animation loops.

- The camera is directly behind the player, and so it's  difficult to see things directly in front of you. Slightly raising the camera and aiming in downwards would work a little better, or you could do the camera lock thing like Resident Evil 4.

- Voice acting isn't terrible, but it could be done a little better.

- The characters look great, but the environments need a serious remodel. Looks like a mobile game with this.

- It's too difficult for zombies to actually attack you. Whenever they do actually manage to attack, it's a miss.

- The login system is a bit strange. I've never seen an online game that doesn't use registration with a Email, & Password. The username and PIN is pretty weird.

I would like to download the game, but whenever I click download, I am redirected to "Not found, error 404" on your website.