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Hey, I love your games! You made a Third person template with parkour too... it was amazing! I was very impressed! Can you make the same template for Side scroller too? With the main menu of this game? Would be awesome and I really need this!

So please do it

thank you and all the best,


Hi CROsteam,

Thanks for the support :).  Its funny you mention Sidescroller, as this is my next free community project lol. I will try to recreate the old Megaman X games for the SNES - check out a very (very) early vid here:

At some point I will go back and update the Third Person template with more features, but first I have to finish my current project (Space Shooter template). One of the requests is to add menus, so I will have that on the next update for sure!

Keep an eye on my Youtube channel for updates on all my projects :D