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That's the spirit

Thanks a lot!

Hey there, would also be interested to hire you, any information where I could reach you?

Can you please make pay per PayPal available?
At the moment there is only card payment possible, therefore I can not use it...
Would love to buy the asset, nice work!

Same here!
And in general, a modular interior and exterior pack would be great. There are way too less of those...

Hey, I paid for this in its really early stages.
I think it would only be fair if you could update this asset to its latest version or at least a version for UE5.

Get some money and your life together

Well then you should not be too hurt about giving away some of your money. Which you have a lot of. Because man, you have a lot of money. You know, much money -> Many purchases. If you want to get me with weak-ass excuses then please be a bit better next time, thanks a lot :)

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Nah, you get it for free right here and now since you could not afford it otherwise ;)

It wasn't for a good amount of time. It was a standalone hotline miami mod.

Get some money and your life together

Hire a freelancer on Fiverr, paying 8 dollars will not be close enough to deserve the code of this. Start within the four digits spectrum.

Get some money and your life together

Get some money and your life together

Get some money and your life together

Here you go legend!


First learn how to write then advertise

Isn`t it obvious? This person has to a 90% chance no QWERTY layout.

If your GPU is struggling you probably run this on a ketchup bottle

Thats not an issue dummy. The game is intended to be like this it's called abstract.

Can totally understand that. As a developer myself it was stunning to see what you did everywhere, I loved the way you set up the seamless level streaming!

Oh wow you used 4.23? Incredible work then concerning reflections and the faked volumetrics!

Hey there, is this made with UE 4.25? WOuld love to know the engine version because it looks like you made custom volumetrics

Fair enough, absolutely agreed

It`s called Quixel Megascans and hell it saves most of us who work with UE4. 

If you buy the game you can simply download it on the game`s site

Would say to fund the actual development. That`s what many developers do.

Absolutely breathtaking with a good focus on old aesthetics, has a moderate feeling of horror but I absolutely do not care because I love your art style and the good ambience. 5/5


Would say this is Neir:Automata inspired by I won`t take the mouth too fill xD

Anyways, a very nice result you got there, I love the composition of ancient statue with nature

Bro just migrate your game files into an empty project that deletes every unused assets.

47GB is waaaay too big