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First learn how to write then advertise

Isn`t it obvious? This person has to a 90% chance no QWERTY layout.

I don`t talk about the tutorial which is insulted by you, read properly. I told you I`m insulted by the fact that you are comparing your tutorial-copying asset flip with my first game which was besides of used marketplace assets completely custom made. It had EFFORT, something I absolutely can`t agree on when looking at your game.  And I totally understand what it does mean when you say it`s your first game. I also don`t expect anything in the direction of good textures or a good core system but this is summed up 1. An asset flip, with only premade maps which are very limited, 2. Only a copied tutorial as core system and 3. A very roughly designed main menu. All of that was in my first game but I customized the tutorials because I wanted to gain knowledge, I made custom icons and UIs, I made a fully working main menu with custom buttons, even voice acting and you really dare to compare your first game with mine. I am simply not amused about the way you justify.

What a lazy justification. Yes, my game was not perfect but this is simply insulting comparing this piece of random thrown-together tutorials with my piece of honest work.

If your GPU is struggling you probably run this on a ketchup bottle

Thats not an issue dummy. The game is intended to be like this it's called abstract.

Can totally understand that. As a developer myself it was stunning to see what you did everywhere, I loved the way you set up the seamless level streaming!

Oh wow you used 4.23? Incredible work then concerning reflections and the faked volumetrics!

Hey there, is this made with UE 4.25? WOuld love to know the engine version because it looks like you made custom volumetrics

Fair enough, absolutely agreed

Thank you and yes, I looked over it again and it is indeed just the Virtus Learning Hub tutorial.

Also he did not use a single penny for individual style or better maps, he just used grabbed freebies. Of course you can make a game without spending money but in this case it would maybe be not a bad idea when looking at the monotone style without any individualism of the developer himself.

In my opinion this is no tribune, no homage or no paid honor for Days Gone, that's simply a justification to publish this lazy game.

So take this from another UE4 developer who works with Unreal since 4.9.

It`s called Quixel Megascans and hell it saves most of us who work with UE4. 

If you buy the game you can simply download it on the game`s site

Would say to fund the actual development. That`s what many developers do.

Wow, a basic copy-paste of available UE4 maps. 1 star for absolutely no effort in Level Design. Also the coding looks like you simply followed a basic shooter template tutorial and that`s it. If you don`t even feel the need to add custom buttons I see no need in giving your game more stars.

Absolutely breathtaking with a good focus on old aesthetics, has a moderate feeling of horror but I absolutely do not care because I love your art style and the good ambience. 5/5

Asked myself the game (191 days later)


Would say this is Neir:Automata inspired by I won`t take the mouth too fill xD

Anyways, a very nice result you got there, I love the composition of ancient statue with nature

Bro just migrate your game files into an empty project that deletes every unused assets.

47GB is waaaay too big

Well but we all can see those deleted comments so it looks extremely off...

Why so many deleted comments?

Do it better then. We can be proud to get new developers starting at a young age. Otherwise we would only have people like you complaining about every single game they play.

Could you please just stop stalking me? It`s not cool. Also it`s absolutely weird to comment under other topics stuff like this.

Actually I think you are pathetic

Hey there, I`m not the owner but I can tell you: No, you can`t because these are custom made assets without any license allowing you to use them. You can get a yes from the owner but then make sure to get that  on a piece of paper otherwise they can trcik and sue you badly. Had that once at the start of my career, never happened again

P̴̛̲̅͑͝͝ ̸̲̞̭̜̮̋̈́̏̈́̕Ḁ̶̡̤͚́̈́͂̈͜͜͠ ̴̡̪̹̩̼̦̄̍̒̇T̴̪̮̀͂ ̴̡͇̺̹̲͖͂H̷̨̰͚͒̐́̂̿͝ ̸͖͗Ĕ̶̡̧̥͕͘ ̴̦͗̓T̷̨͔̼̙̖͎̂͌̀ ̵̣͓͙͇̜́͌̽͂Į̵̜͔̞̀̊͒̇͊͠ ̸̧̹͒̃͛̚͘͜͝C̶͓̯͌͗̏̋̋̆͜

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Says the guy who made Blob World Of OWO...

I don`t get the description... Seeking uncertain death against some creatures? What does that even mean?

This is the most dumb post I`ve seen in these submissions... Don`t you feel bad af about wasting the judges time with this shit?

Dear developer, I made it my duty to look through a collection of sites which distribute ripped indie games. Yours is also included in the Horror Archive of the website I would strongly recommend you to send a report to the owner of this site so they shut that down.


I really don`t get the ending. I had 12 of 13 clues in the first run, then stumbled into the locked chamber of  the wife of the administrator and the game ended. What exactly did I miss all?

So, gave this game multiple gos. It was - sadly - always the same disappointment. In puncto gameplay. I need to say I really stick with the aesthetic graphics, they are absolutely lit but the gameplay itself gave me no chills, no joy, basically nothing and thats very sad when we look at how gorgeous the environment looked. I would really wish more twists in the game like things that come random at the player, nothing you really expected.

I give this game a rating of 2 of 5, there`s potential with a wonderful environment but it lacks of creeps and shiver moments.

I honestly need to say I`m glad I grabbed the game when it was free, 4$ would have been a waste for me.