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Great entry! Feels very polished especially for the time period that we had to work in. The music and art combined really well and the gameplay was enjoyable. The progression felt spot on as I added to my deck. I like the health/damage mechanic, but I think it would have been nice to deal some damage from full health. Dealing 0 makes the first turn of a new floor a bit odd as you have to stand there and do nothing to voluntarily get whacked haha. But honestly, this has been one of my favourite games from the jam that I've played so far and to provide three entire floors to playthrough is very impressive.

Great work :)


I can understand dealing 0 damage when you start can be fustrating, to be honest I didn't noticed because during the playtests I spent most of my time taking damage. But yes I should have done something about it, thanks for letting me know !