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Like the music and sfxs.  Lots of grammar issues; the writing needs work.  After I saved, the text loaded very slowly for some reason, and wouldn't continue until I pressed spacebar multiple times.  Even after reloading this issue persisted.  I don't know why it's acting like this.

WAY too much text in this tutorial!  Teach me by doing, or at least with visuals.
"Please guide this boy safely.  Good luck."  I love that line.
Running and moving is also very slow; it's like the framerate has gone way down for some reason.  Because of that, I can't play the game properly; every time I go forward the framerate drops, the beast catches me, and I die.  I'm not sure why this issue is occuring, as it hasn't come up in any other RPG Maker MV games in the jam.  I'd like to play this game, but with this issue, I can't.  I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry about the bad performance. I think (actually, I'm pretty sure) the frame rates drop happened because of I put just too many events on a single Map. Visual Tutorials... noted.  Thank you for the inputs.