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Hi Snout Flower,

Thanks a bunch for the excellent feedback!

> It is possible to just hit tab (when you're not mousing over anything) to switch between move/connect. But nobody seems to like that solution but me. Hm. OK, I'll play around with locking the two tools to left/right mouse buttons again and see if I can come up with something better.

> Have also added a fullscreen toggle to my to-do list & to track down that ctd. I haven't seen that unremovable neuron bug before, thanks for the heads up.

> I'll also try to add an "undo" so you don't have to re-connect lots of stuff on a mistake. I'd been planning one for a while but hadn't thought about it as an accessibility issue before. That bumps it up high on my priority list.

Knowing about tab does help a lot in the mean time, so thank you for mentioning it here, cause I missed that. 

I just found I seem to be able to reproduce the bug pretty reliably by: add part > begin dragging it to new location > right-click to remove while still dragging. Also just found it leaves behind muscles that were attached to some parts as well.

Undo would be saver on the wrist so thank you for bumping up the priority on that.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond it's appreciated!