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I would definitely like to have a "repeat until storage has more/less than xx items", because I get rediculous amount of poles and planks stacked up. Here's how it happens:

>Pole storage is full. 

>There is a workerbot waiting next to it with poles in his hands. 

>Another workerbot takes one pole out for something.

>Pole making workerbot sees that the pole storage is not full, and puts a plank in the bench saw

>Pole delivery workerbot puts one pole into storage, still has 3 more in his hand. Pole storage is full.

>I now have 6 extra poles sitting there.

After awhile, this pile grows to a rediculous amount, and there is nothing I can do.


i make it so the same robot that cuts the planks to poles also puts them in so the robot gets stuck waiting for there to be space 

That's a really good idea. I don't know why I didn't think of that :P