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It's always good to have willing hands on board. Surely the writers or programmers could assign you some task, but right now alot of things are still up in the air.

The current (why things change) is not that important at the moment. The thing  right now is there's only 4 characters to work with

Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Cheerilee, Velvet.

Twilight is already being worked on, but maybe some bimbo lewd scenes could be written, or talking with Cheerilee building her a bit up (Like maybe she's the new young teacher and sometimes asks the player for advice or wants to know if she's being too strict, or maybe she's a total sweetheart and just wants to make sure [Player] is feeling well as the new student etc). Or maybe a few flavor text to talk with Pinkie when visiting SCC at day/night.

Just throwing some ideas out there, but would be best if you ask or get in touch with C.Snacks on what kind of script you could try and go for.

- Might need to have a task manager. Don't mind taking up that role unless anyone else wants. But coordination with the current head-writer might be a good first step. Maybe they can give you some tasks. 

If it's any easier writing in the 4chan thread http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/thread/30597556 might make it easer to create a dialogue and have tassks handed out.  

I love the idea of where the magic came from, very fun, but yeah, super not a priority at the moment. Super fun though, please hold onto it.

As for management, we are getting a lot of writers, so yeah, if anyone wants to divvy up who gets what, that'd be great.


bruh its just me