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This will be the post I use to post the post..... Yes. sense was made.

Adding onto Slipcor's instructions - Also crank Foliage to Low - Foliage is also the devil and 10x more evil than shaders, both will murder a low-end pc, Heck, Foliage murders my PC, and its not really all that low end.


As for the perfect post to post my post

Slip, Could you either tell me how to, or create an applet/script like your remove ore/pick axe - that removes Common Wood log and/or wood log and/or rare wood log? (Preferably the first)


Edit 1-

Also If you can't manage to keep the game open long enough to nerf the graphical settings

Use notepad ++

  • go to c -> users -> login name (potentially followed by computer name) -> Appdata (hidden) -> Local -> Shopsim ->saved -> savedgame -> Setting (file)
    • Open Setting with Notepad++
      • Find "Quality"  (sg.FoliageQuality)
        • Notice the massive space following it
          • Look at the number following the massive space, highlight the number, and change only it, to 0
      • Repeat for other "quality" if desired (Primarily, Shadows and FX ) (Post process and Post process AA can help performance - PPAA 0's out even though its higher than "3" - all of the "SG" qualities are in a range of 0-3 (low, Medium, High, Epic))
        • PPAA I assume is 0 2 4 6 because AA usually goes 0x (not on) 2x 4x 6x etc up to like..  I duno 16x I think I've seen?
          • "r." preceeds PPAA quality
          • "r." preceeds Distance Quality too - which is less like the others even more. - "0.4" is near 1.3 is "epic", I dunno inbetween. (I would assume 0.7, and 1.0)
    • Save file (its a deletable and renewable file, you can make a copy, but I dunno if you really need to, ensure you only change /those numbers/ and nothing else, and you shouldn't have a problem.)
      • additional note since I haven't needed this, nor has the other person I recommended this to said "Didn't work" or "worked!" - This may not work. However. If you have a hex mode for NotePad ++ or a hex editor, you can open it with that instead, and pretty much only be able to make those minor changes, without messing up a spacing or two.
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Sadly I am working with a hex editor before applying this to code logic - so this is what I basically do:

I look for text, literally, for the ores, it was "Ore" (caps matter) and when I find a mesh definition that looks something like


I replace the first slash with a hex 0x00 which is a string-end-marker code wise, so the game tries to access the mesh for "" which does not exist and, I assume and hope, it will skip determination and not load the item because it cannot find a mesh to display it.

I am fairly certain that this works for small use cases, and if you want to do the same, it MIGHT be doable to simply change letters in the mesh definition "MyAsset" -> "MyBsset" - if you do not use a hex editor, good luck xD and make sure you do not add or remove any characters [the total count of where you edit has to be the same!!] because the way the savegame works is that it has indicators all over the place "how long" the following text and other content is planned to be - so if you add or remove characters the savegame will probably fail to load :D

If you have issues implementing this, just hit me up and I can add "remove all logs and wood" to my fixer :)

hmmm.. interesting, seems i could use that - also updated my NP++ and downloaded a hex editor plugin - since I saw someone else had it, I set out the other day to figure out how.

Seems like "/myassets/nature/blueprints/logs" and "nature/blueprints/choppedwood" (with some additional text for each) are what I desire

I'll need to try find all "Nature/Blueprints/log" replace all with "Naturd/Blueprints/log" and same for chopped wood, - I'd do "Nature" replace all with "naturd" but "Tree base" also seems to be in nature, and I'd rather not see zero trees...


There's only 105 Nature targets. - 15 of which (or so) are "tree base"


Those 15 treebases (or so) are the "Duplicating" tree base, and changing them to naturd would result in getting a "properly" respawned "untouched" tree, and not 1o230585 100% trees beside my smelter... which, on its own, Is essentially the problem/goal.

so this could be 3 Versions of save game fixer all on their own

ver.A - Remove Logs, Remove treebase ****** if tree base is the duplication bug -> Leaves chopped wood for Smelter

Ver B - Remove All Nature/Wood drops -> in case you're like me, and have either chopped a log by accident, or flung himself across the map on a steek and left the chopped wood out in the middle of the lake because screw carrying one alone back....

and Ver c - Remove Treebase **** if tree base is the duplication bug -> Leaves Logs/firewood for smelter (use if these aren't out of control in your save)

I can't imagine that "15" (or so) trees are all that exist in the game - But I can totally imagine 8-10 or so are stacked beside my smelter, and 3-5 are stacked on trees i've cut down twice or so, and the stray others are one offs I've had to mess with for purposes.

In fact. just on a quick sprint towards the ore-vein beside the cave entrance, I counter over 20 nearly 30 trees, there's no way so few "tree bases" exist, unless they are indeed, the duplicate tree. -I'll back up my save and attempt simply switching all "Nature" to "Naturd", and get back to you eventually. (Not going to do it immediately, going to wait for proper morning time to quit so I don't screw up sleep schedule, and sell my assembled items, so I don't have to reassemble them)

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"Nature" Worked, and tree base was indeed the duplicated trees.

  • "Nature" keeps track of 
    • Logs (Non descript, which is why, likely, they change back and forth between uncommon and common on reload)
    • Chopped wood (equally non descript, meaning randomly rare firewood you had lodged in your smelter may become common)
    • Tree base (0-100% tracking, doesn't remove it properly at 0%, thus it respawns at 100%, right beside the one that spawns by the game, untouched, leaving you with 1 100% and a blank-unstarted tree, which will then become 2 100%s and a blank, 3 and blank, etc)
      • All Nature things reset just like Coal to 100% it seems, so maybe the "100%" bug ties in somewhere for each and the fix for one maybe helps the fix for the other?

Edit - Also. Thanks for the info, now I can properly clean up whenever I need to.


You're welcome! I was sure that all that is saved is additional, because the trees will regrow, so they have to be "loaded" without pre-existing status. Otherwise our old savegames would not have had any trees, too xD

Glad that it worked. I hope to remember to add this to my fixer ;)