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"Nature" Worked, and tree base was indeed the duplicated trees.

  • "Nature" keeps track of 
    • Logs (Non descript, which is why, likely, they change back and forth between uncommon and common on reload)
    • Chopped wood (equally non descript, meaning randomly rare firewood you had lodged in your smelter may become common)
    • Tree base (0-100% tracking, doesn't remove it properly at 0%, thus it respawns at 100%, right beside the one that spawns by the game, untouched, leaving you with 1 100% and a blank-unstarted tree, which will then become 2 100%s and a blank, 3 and blank, etc)
      • All Nature things reset just like Coal to 100% it seems, so maybe the "100%" bug ties in somewhere for each and the fix for one maybe helps the fix for the other?

Edit - Also. Thanks for the info, now I can properly clean up whenever I need to.


You're welcome! I was sure that all that is saved is additional, because the trees will regrow, so they have to be "loaded" without pre-existing status. Otherwise our old savegames would not have had any trees, too xD

Glad that it worked. I hope to remember to add this to my fixer ;)