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Yeah, I'm currently working on a fix for the font and I will also make the game fullscreen. 

You are close about the strength. When attacking with strength against another attacking card of anything other than strength, the other card will win because magic is considered to be long or medium ranged, while weapons such as swords and maces are short ranged. BUT when attacking with strength against a defending magic card, then if the defending card's power is less or equal to 4, the strength card will win.

I decided not to write this info inside the game because I want players to discover them by their own. So they can plan ahead when building their decks.

Wow okay then my understanding of the game mechanic was way off! I didn't realize that there is such a thing as ranged vs. melee. I understand the discovery part of your reasoning but for a reasonably complex system imho it would be better if there was a short description/tutorial of the underlying mechanics like in similar battlecard games (Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Heathstone etc.). Unless you want it to be a puzzle game where you need to deduce the rules (like i.e. in The Witness). But then the rules need to be discovered one by one so the player does not get overwhelmed.  I understand this could be out of scope of a game jam but something to keep in mind for the future. Anyway  cool game with a lot of potential!

Tutorials and hints where in plan when I started building this, but I managed to finish the rules and mechanics with about 5 hours remaining. Then I focused on the art part.

I'm really glad you liked it!