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Wow, what lovely compliments from a fellow writer, thank you!  I hope I can tempt you to read beyond Geoffrey's route, because every route reveals a bit more about what's going on in Sherwood/Nottingham... and Alanna's is particularly unique so I'm hoping it'll be compelling even to readers who aren't romantically interested in women (you can always use the explicit text filter to skip the sexy bits).  But hey, even if not, I won't fault anyone for succumbing to the siren song of the Sheriff. 

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You're welcome!

Sadly, routes for female characters are really not my thing. In rare occasions, I CAN play games where you romance girls or a girl's route in a game with mixed romances, but only when the protagonist is male - I really don't like GxG content, basically. I don't mind that much not discovering every secret of a game, and playing a route I really don't want to play easily dampens my entire experience of a game - to the point that if it's needed for an unlock I simply check out the "correct" answers in a walkthrough and skip the entire thing. So yeah, not worth it.

Skipping explicit content won't change anything. I don't like any form of censorship, so playing the "soft" version would be more irritating than anything else, to be honest. It's the fact that GxG romances (some veeeeeery rare exceptions aside) aren't compelling to me from a romantic point of view. Alanna and Marion simply don't have the type of personalities I can like in a GxG couple.

As for the guys and Meissa, I guess I'll see. As I said, I will probably play Will's route in addition to Geoffrey's, if nothing more, so I can experience the Sherwood path too. Some games compell me to play all or at least most of the routes, while in others I stick to a single one - it's too early for me to say which one it'll be in this case. Basically, if I like too much the first route I play, or if I find it too perfect, and mostly if said romance was really a lifesaver for the love interest (be it literally or on an emotional level), then I simply feel too guilty to play other routes. Weird, I know. In this case I'll probably be able to see the two paths as alternative realities happening at the same time, but I don't know if I'll be able to do more than one route on a single path.