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I stumble across it and man, how lucky and enlighted I am because of this Last Call. The art is simple but charming, and the struggle of reaching back to Dawn's past relationship with her brother and her best friend is heart-wrenching (for the bad ending) also heartwarming.

Achieving all the endings is quite entertaining, but for the Bartender's story : I still don't  understand how the Reunion ending works, dare for a walkthrough? :D

Thanks for playing the game! As for a hint for the reunion ending, it requires specific endings to have been reached in the most recent previous playthrough in Rina and Ace's routes.

Oh, I see, thank for the answers! I'll try it again with your clue x3

heyy did you manage to get the Reunion ending? I'm struggling even though i tried talking to the bartender after the previous triggered events ;-;

Yes, I had achieved Reunion ending. But then, I only saved the last dialogue of the Bartender with Dawn of that ending, and I kinda forgot which combination trigger it ^^; 

Rest assured, I'll be back to (re)discover it (^_^)b

yayay thank you~ haha ^u^


Oh gosh... I have so many shameful excuses to not return here sooner rather than later (it has been a year, man..)

But, hoping that rinsoo is still active here and if there is someone out there trying to figure out the exact path to achieve Bartender's Reunion Ending, here is the SPOILER (which works for me but I don't know with another combination):

  • Achieve Rina's Reconciliation Ending (the best friend's top list in Extras; be humble and try to be honest)
  • Achieve Ace's Mutual Trust Ending (the brother's lowest list in Extras; be humble and honest, but also a bit protective)
  • Start a new game/reading, choose "There is no one else"
  • I at least had encounter two type of questions for each of her best friend and brother, which seems affected by the ending the player just got or also likely be randomly emanate...
  • But in my case, when Dawn wonders if her relationship with Rina can be mended, answer "Let it go"
  • When Dawn argues about her siblinghood, answer "Why can't you both look up to each other?"
  • Finally, when Dawn asks for another drink, refuse her or say "No". The next narration will lead you to Reunion Ending, in which it will show Dawn approaches her best friend and brother instead of falling down :)
  • I don't know if there is another combination beside Reconciliation+Trust (or if it works the other way=> Trust+Reconciliation), but it more likely only leads to the other two of Bartender's Ending.
  • Plus: If you answer the three final question correctly but outside the combination above, you will go to Moving On Ending; in which the door shows the enlightment but the credit still show Dawn falling among the Red Spider Lily.