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Done! First 1-2 transformation complete, this was really fun, but time consuming. In any case wanna hear what everyone thinks of this


Tried to include all text, where there's written (No-Text) can stay like that, or there could be added at least one extra line to fill the void. Either option works.

Gonna go for the 2-3 next.

I like it! It does a really well in accentuating the eroticism of the situation, I'm very pleased with the way it's come together. It's also inspired me to make the first section flow a little bit better, so I'll do some minor edits at some point in the near future. Excellent work!


Appreciated! Here's the second 2-3 transformation edits


Happy to have you on board.


I'm really enjoying the fairly slow piece-by-piece transformation you two have, and the sequence you've put together, Annon, is miles better than Twilight's sprite changing with a click. Thanks to both of you.