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Stage 2-3 is complete! Let me know what changes you'd like to make!


I'm going off of the 1-6 chart that Annon posted earlier, by the way, in case anyone is wondering


Oh wow, fast as the wind. Quite detailed loving it. Specially how the objects changed as well.

Gonna request the next change to only be max a page long if you'd like. Thinking more is better but just out of curiousity. Wouldn't want you to burn out.

But gonna try and make an illustration now and share it when it's up for editing. This is gonna be fun to draw.


Here's a promo image so far for the cutscene. It takes a while to set up the layers, and also need to add shading and more deck objects (maybe a poster at the door?) but edits can be done from here easily.

Gonna work on the edits for what has been written so far soon enough.