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I'm thinking of writing a replacement for Todd Howard, I just have a question. For the Todd Howard replacement NPC and their introduction to the player, are there any basic things we should stick to when writing or do we have free range to write and post it here and just change it from there?

Thinking it would be best to agree on what actually to do with the NPC replacement before actully agreeing on something.

Personally would like to just leave it as a voice and the player and click on something in the room to start the changes.

There's already been ideas thrown around, but might as well start agreeing on something.

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I was thinking of making a more detailed version of that statue in the Purple Room the NPC, and have it be some Lust deity that has chosen [the player] as their herald to use his emotional connection to and relationship with the girls to turn them into bimbos and increase her influence and ability to manifest. Simply by thinking about them and speaking their name in her presence.

Mostly just got this idea from going by the "broken hearts make the transformation stronger" comment From ole Todd. 

This also leaves in the options for multiple bimbo magic producers as simply being other chosen heralds.

This is a wonderful idea. Please write this. Annon or Kyuun, please personify that statue into character art


Could have a look at the art once the writing can help as a guideline.

Alrighty. I'll get started on it once I wake up, so I don't write it while sleepy as fuck.
In the mean time I made flavour texts for three of the cell phone profiles for you.
I don't know if they're the kind of thing you were looking for, if not just say so.



Update: I've finished the two thousand five hundred word intro to her and now starting on the actual conversations with the statue. Was thinking of having her also be a potential relationship target (when we're out of demo obviously), just have to turn a bunch of girls into bimbos and/or praise her enough in the ways she likes. EG: Masturbating to bimbo porn or offering direct tributes to the statue.