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Ay! A really cool game I must admit!

I enjoy how the game is designed and pretty it is!

I like there is no lives that we could lose after dying and would eventually make us retry to beat the level from the very beginning if we lost them.

Moreover the enemies have well animated attacks and are rather diversified. The shielded lizard acted goofy at some point, when I was too far away from him - he seemed to simply stand in one place and wait for me to come to him so he could attack me. I dunno whether it was your intention or not, but I am convinced he should at least take some steps towards the player instead of guarding one spot :P

I had little problems with the lizard boss, but that's a positive I guess! Bosses can't be too easy. I figured out after a while that you should jump over him and backstab him few times and repeat the sequence.

Some people have complained here about the sewer passage not being obvious enough and I think that can happen to be an obsticle for some folks - especially those who don't talk to the NPCs, so you could add some lighter texture on it to avoid such problems.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the final product!

Last but not least, I got some questions:

1) When are you planning to release the final version of the game?

2) Where is the game going to be released? Only on or perhaps on Steam too?

3) What is the price of the game going to be? Maybe you're planning to publish it for free?

4) Will it be possible to beat the campaign in local coop?



Hey, thanks for giving it a go and glad ye dug it! For the Iguani's odd behavior, yes, that's indeed a bug in their A.I. Haven't fixed that yet, but it's on the to-do list. As for your questions:

1) Best I can say is "when it's done".

2) Steam is in the plans, yes. For anything else, we'll have to see how things go, but PC's all I'm focusing on for now.

3) Price is yet to be determined, and I want to have a bigger demo done (more representative of the game's scope) before announcing it.

4) Duel is currently the only multiplayer mode in the works. Anything other than that, It's best to keep it as post-1.0 content to keep scope in check.


Thanks for the reply and addressing to the questions I've asked!

I'm glad you're not rushing with the game release, as working under pressure never ends well (ekhm - Cyberpunk). Your game has a lot of potential and I believe the final product will be awesome!

To be completely honest local coop, for me, is the thing this game needs. I am not intending to somehow force you to consider this mode, but local coop was the first thing I thought of when I saw your game, especially when there was another character in the duel mode :P

Anyways, I am wishing you luck with finishing the game!


"I want to keep scope in check" is one of the most reassuring thing an indie developper can say to sell his game to me.

Liked, subscribed, all that - waiting for release~