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If you highlight a custom decal in the car select menu (Endless Road), it shows you the folder they're in, along with letting you open the folder directly.

Yep, that's pretty much it!

Future purchases are covered as well!

Well, I'm currently looking into Steam, and after that I'm not against looking into other places like GOG.

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I'm still looking into Dunkehr, but there IS a future for it, that much I can very much confirm. But that one I'd rather address in more specific detail through a Patreon post after this is out. You know, addressing one thing at a time.

... weird, that segment's been removed from the demo.

You can download v0.2.0D from the project's main page. This post is because I had first uploaded a newer build (v0.2.1D) that had major issues, so replaced it with the older build that still works fine.

Hey, thanks for giving it a go and glad ye dug it! For the Iguani's odd behavior, yes, that's indeed a bug in their A.I. Haven't fixed that yet, but it's on the to-do list. As for your questions:

1) Best I can say is "when it's done".

2) Steam is in the plans, yes. For anything else, we'll have to see how things go, but PC's all I'm focusing on for now.

3) Price is yet to be determined, and I want to have a bigger demo done (more representative of the game's scope) before announcing it.

4) Duel is currently the only multiplayer mode in the works. Anything other than that, It's best to keep it as post-1.0 content to keep scope in check.

Hey, glad ye dug it! In regards to your points:

- At the time of this writing saving for the settings has been implemented. It'll be a while till I release a new public demo, but once I do that will definitely be in!

- A lot is still to be done for Duel, so yes, all of that is definitely planned for a full release.And yes, that also includes some needed balancing.

- Lol, yeah, the Gater boss is due to some tweaks, though nothing too drastic. Mostly give him some more openings for the player to exploit.

Thanks! I see you had some issues with the sewer entrance. I really need to make that one a bit more obvious, noticed some people having issues with it.

Thanks! Feel free to check the other links above for more if you'd like!

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Hey, thanks! And I've been getting the GBA comparisons a fair bit, indeed. Bit of an underrated platform in some aspects.

Hey, thanks for checking it out, and glad ye liked it!

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To put it short: I'm a dumbass. :V

But hey, glad to hear ya dig it!