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"I want to keep scope in check" is one of the most reassuring thing an indie developper can say to sell his game to me.

Liked, subscribed, all that - waiting for release~

I've been checking every so often on the project and it's good to have news ! Good luck on your work and see you... soon ?

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Oh. My. God. It controls perfectly with the mouse + keyboard combo and this demo is amazing !

The combat is gripping right out of the tutorial and it only gets more intense and richer as you unlock mantras, familiars and virtues ; I see everyone saying that it's 2D Dark Souls but those fools don't get it~ It's clearly Bayonetta with a stamina meter, and it feels GOOD ! The attacks are snappy, each hit flows into the next perfectly, the dodge / parry have aaallllll the right feedback to them and landing a heavy attack on a broken ennemy makes you feel the power of the blow.

I don't even care to finish the demo - I just bought the game and I won't drop it until I'm done with it... a few times~ Oh, and before I forget, excellent work on the difficulty settings ! I sadly have a very bad reaction time, so being able to crank up the Pain while keeping Punishment on easy to have a tough but fair challenge is one of the greatest thing with this game. I don't understand why more games don't offer that option (if you need more inspiration for your future works, check out Dishonored 2, it has some extensive difficulty tweaking !).

Now off I go, I've got a new game to beat~

Uh, I didn't consider the keyboard + mouse thing ! Since the readme file recommends playing with a controller, I kind of crossed the thought from my mind ! I'll try that~

Oh, so that's the reason it isn't out yet ?! How rude of Nintendo, I thought they'd provide more support than that, especially considering how backward their shop is - they're really putting all the burden on the studios, uh ?

Well, good luck with that, it certainly looks gorgeous and original, I'm really hoping I can find a comfortable to play it to buy it !

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I'm trying to play the demo of the game with my PS4 controller, but it's a hot mess.

All the signs in-game use an XBOX scheme and I've never had one of those pads in hand, so I'm left in complete darkness as to what button I'm supposed to press.

The square button allows to interacts with objects / dialog ; fine. Circle button does nothing, and both the cross and triangle perform the exact same action, which is either a light attack or summoning a big blue rectangle of light with no apparent stamina cost or effect. Whether you get the light attack or blue rectangle is completely random, with neither the timing or strength of the presses, distance to (or absence of) an ennemy and even general context influencing the outcome.

I died in the second fight because I kept summoning useless blue rectangle that did nothing while the ennemy was free to hit me.

I could try and rebind the controls but I need to scroll through more or less fifty entries crammed in a tiny window that make my eyes hurt, with only a dozen of them actually useful to me, and it's never clear what is used for what and is assigned to which button.

Overall, my few minutes with the game were complete garbage and I lost any interest I might have in it unless it finally releases on the European Switch Store, since that port should fix the control issues (why hasn't the game been released oversea after it's been out for two months already on the American Eshop ?).

By this fall ?! That's amazing to hear ! :D

I accidentally downloaded the 0.1 version while the 1.x version was down and found the game cute but ultimately lacking a lot of polish, which really took away from the enjoyment.

Now that I've played and finished the 1.0.8 version after I realized my mistake, I only have two things to ask : when does it release ? And for how much ?