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Oh. My. God. It controls perfectly with the mouse + keyboard combo and this demo is amazing !

The combat is gripping right out of the tutorial and it only gets more intense and richer as you unlock mantras, familiars and virtues ; I see everyone saying that it's 2D Dark Souls but those fools don't get it~ It's clearly Bayonetta with a stamina meter, and it feels GOOD ! The attacks are snappy, each hit flows into the next perfectly, the dodge / parry have aaallllll the right feedback to them and landing a heavy attack on a broken ennemy makes you feel the power of the blow.

I don't even care to finish the demo - I just bought the game and I won't drop it until I'm done with it... a few times~ Oh, and before I forget, excellent work on the difficulty settings ! I sadly have a very bad reaction time, so being able to crank up the Pain while keeping Punishment on easy to have a tough but fair challenge is one of the greatest thing with this game. I don't understand why more games don't offer that option (if you need more inspiration for your future works, check out Dishonored 2, it has some extensive difficulty tweaking !).

Now off I go, I've got a new game to beat~