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Ah yeah, one idea that slips to mind would be to have a scene with twilight casually topless in the library at some point. Could easily edit sprites for that.

That would be a laugh, and a great excuse to get Cheerilee irate. It does feel odd having Twilight's meeting place still be in the library, so this could either work as a way to set up a new location (home, perhaps?) or keep her in the library with a similar suggestion to the one with Velvet earlier where you change Cheerilee to the point she doesn't mind so much any more.

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Ah yeah absolutely doesn't have to be the library, but would be possible to have cheerilee in it, but could be somewhere else as well. 

Absolutely up for drawing the supporting cast as bimbos if needed.

Still curious how the S-Link mechanic will work from now. You talk with twilight, then s-link, and then to continue the story you need to use the velvet room for the next S-link? (Presuming her leveling up from 6-10 is neccessary?) Or now the S-links are more than enough to push her transformation with words alone.

The story itself is all up in the air right now, still plotting a course. But I'm never opposed to more bimbos, I just don't want to get greedy, or have an abundance of unused assets at the end of the demo.

As for the S-Link itself, I believe, and Dev can correct me if I'm wrong, it relates directly to the advancement of the story. Whereas with BrainLight Dorkle it was helping her get her stuff in order to get into the McGuffin Program, with HeadLight Twaddle it will be getting her comfortable with her oversexualized body, and the needs it has therein. And the success or failure depends on her own stats; I'm thinking Charisma is the primary in this case, with INT taking a second - the higher both of them are, the more likely she's going to stay, uh, reasonable. As in she's able to stay in control. Not sleeping with everyone with a pulse. Or, if you like that kind of thing, ending up as a school bicycle. Point being, once you get to this storyline, Twilight is going to be a bimbo. How she gets to where she ends up, that's for the S-Links to tell.

That is an interesting idea about the S-Link being tied to Twilight's slide down the storyline. We might be able to associate additional transformations with S-Links (maybe not 1-to-1, but by S-Link 7/8, if she could finally reach her Bimbo 10, that would be something like what I'm thinking), but that's a coding thing, so I don't want to stray too far into that.

Understand. Absolutely don't mind having more bimbos either. Gonna propose that if you wish to write some bimboliciousness for pinkie, cheerilee or velvet if the story demands it on your end, then the art asset can easily be provided once it written or confirmed that's the path it'll go. Since we're limiting ourselves it doesn't sound too bad.

It would be easy enough to change her 'homebase' to some other place. Maybe SCC or someplace more fun?