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All of those tie into uncertainty i was having: about how aware the subject should be, and also what other sprite changes are going to be available.
If we've reached the end of the bimbo TF with the sprites we have available, i can go back and rework things a bit, but knowing which one is the cutoff will help in that regard and I can work around that. Since I'd like Twilight to keep at least a bit of her cleverness, as she gets more daring, eventually she's going to realize what's going on, but my hope is that she's already well on her way to embracing a new nature at that point.

The sprites we have for now are her pre-bimbo state I believe, they're 1-5 on a scale of 1-10 of Bimbo level

This story would begin as soon as she hit level 6

Exactly what I was hoping to hear. So I'll go ahead with being slightly ambiguous regarding her shape until we're settled on a more permanent appearance, with intention to go back and change.

Ah that's interesting.

Would that mean we would go for 5 different bimbo stages as well? For (6-10) like we did with (1-5)? 

Or just have her bimbo form be the same throughout the (6-10)?

First thought of the latter option, but it's no problem to go with the first as edits are so, so easy.  Liking the idea of still gradual changes, The question is more how the writing will go along with it.

Was also wondering if there's any specific wishes for her normal bimbo TF. Can make one today and got some ideas, but if there's any wishes, gonna go along with it.

Could be fun to have her wear glasses at  1 s-link to make her look super smart again.