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Very much enjoyed it, but yes there's quite some topics to discuss.

Should there be cutscenes? Can do some illustrations if needed but they're also extra work on the writing part.

But at least this seems to have a good direction. Some answer encourage her to stay smart some encourage her to go wild.

It's really difficult not trying to make a bunch of branches in this specially when other bimbos might enter the scene.

Gonna try to make a suggestion and hoping it's not too convoluted.

- Maybe at some point you're not allowed to visit twilight at her home because Velvet is too worried about her slutty daughter (compared to when she was a shut-in and easy to tease). So you'll have to spend some bimbo points on the mother or something to access the next S-link.

What do you mean by cut scenes? When and where? I don't mind the additional work, as this is the stuff I've been waiting for, but knowing where and what we're thinking would be helpful.

My general thinking with the questions isn't so much a branching bimbo route, but one that encourages her to act out, at least a little bit. That's why more weight is given to the S-Links that encouraged a more positive approach to the changes. For now, I'm thinking that continuing to work the Twilight/Pinkie angle is most helpful, although that's certainly up for discussion this early on in the Links, and even going forward as well.

I like the idea of having to change Velvet too, just because it forces the Player to indulge in using their power a bit more. Kind of like the one where Twilight freaks out earlier. Something similar could be done with Cheerilee or Pinkie Pie as well: depending on how involved we want to have those characters.

Cutscenes likely refer to unique interactions that can't be accomplished by just putting the character art on the background. Dancing at a club, for example.

Incorporating other characters and having their dialogue change based on whether or not they're bimbofied is easy enough to do on the coding side. If you guys are willing to write/draw it, I'll be happy to put it in the game.

The cutscenes are reffered to the thread where things should get more risque.  As in Library BJ, Twilight being encouraged to jill off at SCC, her home invitations (blocked by Velvet at some point) etc.

But again that all depends on what is agreed to be written and illustrated, don't have anything specific in mind.

And also special cutscenes if you've met following requirements.

Like the idea of doing something with Pinkie. We already have her sprites, so there can be Bimbo  Twilight catching up with normal Pinkie  and that would go as an s-link would normally go. 

If however Pinkie at the time had her own lv 6 bimbo stage it can cut into a threesome as a thanks for the player to bring them back together as a cutscene.

Don't think what's been written here is the biggest mountain of work, but it can quickly derail if we don't put limitations. But would like to hear thoughts on these ideas. 


I see, thanks guys.

To begin, I'm not opposed to the extra work at all when it comes to the bimbo arc, mostly because I know which side butters my bread. I'd really like to do more involved if-then related stuff, I've just held back because this is a demo. But one or two couldn't hurt, and adds an element of depth and possibly replayability. Or at least save- scumming your way through to see all the bimbo interactions.

Taking that into account, I guess we need to be looking at advanced forms for all 3 of the support characters?

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>Advanced form of all 3.

So let's say they turn into actual bimbos at level 6. Or was it 5?

What we could do since this is just a demo have them all be possible to bimbofy without needing S-links.

>Pinkie Pie 

What we could do for Pinkie Pie is meeting her at SCC, but your conversations are rather much the same. (to not focus too much on her). But once you have used your spell on her 5-6 times she changes into a bimbo like twilight and the threesome can be achieved.


Would not need a bimbo form, but once she gets to the last level (before changing into a bimbo) she'll be more than fine with Player and Bimbo Twi in the house.


Same with Velvet, so at her last level before turning bimbo she's fine with bimbo twilight and player fooling around in the library.

But if we choose to go with these two needng to be bimbos for that to happen that'll be fine to if you would rather have that, might make things easier storywise and in programming it's either/or.