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I just beat the mid 1st boss and had the arrow to continue so pushed forward and died and had to restart level one,  Also the screen of enemies before the boss if you press left too much that screen reloads with the enemies? 

What are the things you collect?  

Very buggy at the moment.  Nice music though 

Edit:  Just played through level 1 & 2 (no end boss on level 2?) and takes me back to level 1, not sure the version of this is the most recent version?

While some of the issues you describe are known, the warping back to level 1 after the level 2 boss is new to me. I'll look into it.

Hi John, thank you.  I'll give it some more testing and let you know. Thanks for making the games.  I'm going to try Wampus DX soon.

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Thanks for playing. The greatest reward I can hope for is that people have as much joy with this universe as I have.

Just an update. I had added the screens before boss fights back in November and never tested the game fully. Turns out I messed up and made it impossible to reach the level 2 boss and progress in the game. It should be fixed now, and you can play to the end of the game.

As for the collectables, the Info option at the title screen somewhat explains the mechanics of the pickups.

I'm aware of the other minor issues and am still working on them.