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Have you considered switching out the music for something more foreboding and uncertain?

This would also play much better dramatically with proper voice over, even if you have to use amateur actors/friends/family.

The baby blue of the font also clashes with the macabre tone, so I would consider an alternative.

With a few tweaks, this becomes a solid psychological horror adventure game.


This is one of the best written, best animated, best looking, and best realized Bitsy games I have ever played -- and there are a lot of great ones out there. Amazing and inspiring work!

Interesting (and highly relatable) idea, Will, and well-executed. 

Congrats on getting the game out, Brendan!

Another gem, Mark.

Nice meditative ride, and great pixel art. You should enable the option for full screen in the options.

This is an excellent example of pushing Bitsy to its limits. A tour de force of how to use the engine.

It really is. Thanks for playing!

Thanks, Dan!

This happened after I refreshed, too. But I refreshed because some of the tools stopped working first.

I managed to salvage the game (yay!), but the same thing has happened twice now. I download a backup every 10 to 15 minutes now, and when it glitches out, I reupload my latest build, delete the default room that appears, and everything seems to come back, after some fiddling. I wish I knew what the issue was, or how to prevent it, but I'm going to push through this project, finish it, and then hopefully have better luck in the future. One of my issues, maybe, is that the project is just so ambitious. I'm not sure what the limitations are for rooms, exits, variables, sprites, etc, in bitsy.

Thanks for the reply.


I just worked for four hours on a Bitsy game. It has a lot of rooms and exits. Out of nowhere, some tools stopped working, so I saved/downloaded the game and reloaded the browser page. I've had to do this a few times when things get glitchy.

Only this time my game came back corrupted. My avatar had reverted back to the default, the default room had appeared, and all the names of my rooms were blank. There was also a room that had all of its exits deleted.

I tried loading the file I had just saved (which I replaced my earlier file with -- doh!), and it was the same situation. I tried to salvage it, but the file is pretty corrupted. The room name data is damaged and it's making it impossible to create new exits.

TLDR: How common is it for Bitsy game data to be corrupted? Is this because of the number of rooms I had? And are there ANY solutions? Do I really have to start an entirely new file and throw hours and hours of work out the door?


Thanks, Kevx. I appreciate all the small games you give exposure to through your videos. There are so many games on here that it's nice to visit your channel to see a sampling.

Thanks for playing!


Thanks for playing and for posting the video!

Thanks. I'm not completely satisfied with the swamp puzzle, but I started with the idea of doing a dialogue puzzle and then realized you can't change rooms within dialogue using Bitsy and had to shift gears.  Thanks for the feedback. I may tweak that one in an update.

Thanks for the feedback! I've already submitted a few other games to GDWC, but I'd be happy to submit this one, too. Cheers!

Great little JRPG. It's a bit too grindy and long for me to play all the way through in my browser, though. I also think players should be able to pick up items even if they don't have the quest for them yet. This cuts down on backtracking, which also adds to the fatigue of the game. This would be a great RPG on a platform like the NES!

I worried that people would quit on that part; it's the most "challenging" part of the game. I might consider reworking it to make it less frustrating. Thanks for playing!

Thanks. The downloadable Windows version looks a lot better than this, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! You do the Lord's work posting videos of the games on Itch, and the devs appreciate it!

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Yeah. I had a simple pause menu, but it was being fussy, and I try to be as minimalistic as possible with any UI. But you're not the only one to encounter the "muscle memory" escape problem. Even I have done it! I'll try to reimplement the pause menu in the next update.

Thanks for the suggestions and notes. These are helpful. And thanks for playing!

I just lowered sensitivity slightly on my latest build, based on your feedback. I don't want to overdo it and make the game feel sluggish, though. I'm also updating the UI for dialogue slightly.  I wasn't even aware you could get on the outskirts of town -- I thought I sealed it off. What part of the main town did you "escape" from?

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback. Do you remember where you fell off? And were you playing on PC or Mac?

It's always a worry, but others haven't had their videos taken down yet. Just do what you need to for your channel. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks for playing. I'm glad the experience had emotional resonance with you.

This is really cool, Mitch. Luckily, I have a Google cardboard lying around here, so I was able to watch this.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Hey Stavros. You'll want to download Cheers.

Thanks. Other than some minor tweaks, though, I'm not sure I'll do much more here. I had a simple idea, and I more or less executed it. Future projects will grow in complexity.

Thanks. Yeah, it's a shame Youtube has draconian policies like that.

Thanks for playing! And it's just me. I used purchased Unity assets to design an original game. That's why it's an "everyday-developed" game, because anybody can do this, and more people should!

Thanks for playing and for the suggestions. I plan on updating it eventually, so I'll keep these comments in mind.

Thanks! It's designed to be a short meditation for players, so I'm happy to hear it was calming for you.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This kind of experience isn't for everybody. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Others may not (see above). But that's fine. I made it for specific kind of person. Not every song, TV show, or movie will appeal to everybody. So it is with interactive experiences. Maybe it's not much of a game, but I'm happy with the experience I crafted, flawed though it may be.