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I can put something together and reupload.

I had it up but forgot to put it back when I uploaded the latest version. I'll have it back up soon.

You're a wizard! Technically immaculate.

Please use this space to document bugs and/or suggest minor changes to the game's design. At this advanced stage, the levels are basically content complete, but many small changes can still be made.

I know of several bugs at this point that I am actively trying to address.

Great demo! Clean, unique presentation. Looking forward to the full game with an expanded move set -- if you plan on finishing it.

Awesome start!

Bat Lizard Bonanza doesn't have a demo yet, unfortunately (it's not a Byte-Off entry). But Cat Bugs also feature in Wampus and Wart Worm Wingding.

Love the art in this one.

I love the aesthetic of this game. Feels very retro but also unique and modern.

Potential crossover with my trilogy? Cat Bugs! 

I'm impressed with the scope of the demo. Nice old school detective adventure game vibes.

A lot of potential here. It draws you in. Ease up a little on the long jumps, though.

Nice concept for a Metroidania/adventure game. Reminds me of stuff like Aquaria from circa 2007. Check that out if you haven't yet.

Great proof of concept. A lot of potential here.

Very cool. Looking forward to the full game later on.

Since posting this, I've implemented a new build that starts players with three lives. It's still a one-run game, but now players have checkpoints and can die up to two times before they get a gameover. It still presents a challenge, but it's more user friendly.

I finally got around to sending you Wampus and Wart Worm on carts, Dale! But with COVID, it may take 4-6 weeks to reach you in France.

Yeah. I'll add it in an update soon.

The game was created as a challenge to be completed in a single run, so there are no plans to add a save system. When playing on an emulator or Everdrive/PowerPak, you can utilize save states.

I would like to add my NES game, Wampus, to the bundle:

Thanks for organizing this!

That's not at all by accident. That game was very influential to me in my childhood.

It's for a class I teach. I probably won't be releasing them for the public since they contain information restricted to the class.

Thanks. I really should do a remake. This was a weekend project when I was first using Unity way back in 2017.




Have you considered switching out the music for something more foreboding and uncertain?

This would also play much better dramatically with proper voice over, even if you have to use amateur actors/friends/family.

The baby blue of the font also clashes with the macabre tone, so I would consider an alternative.

With a few tweaks, this becomes a solid psychological horror adventure game.


This is one of the best written, best animated, best looking, and best realized Bitsy games I have ever played -- and there are a lot of great ones out there. Amazing and inspiring work!

Interesting (and highly relatable) idea, Will, and well-executed. 

Congrats on getting the game out, Brendan!

Another gem, Mark.

Nice meditative ride, and great pixel art. You should enable the option for full screen in the options.

This is an excellent example of pushing Bitsy to its limits. A tour de force of how to use the engine.

It really is. Thanks for playing!

Thanks, Dan!

This happened after I refreshed, too. But I refreshed because some of the tools stopped working first.

I managed to salvage the game (yay!), but the same thing has happened twice now. I download a backup every 10 to 15 minutes now, and when it glitches out, I reupload my latest build, delete the default room that appears, and everything seems to come back, after some fiddling. I wish I knew what the issue was, or how to prevent it, but I'm going to push through this project, finish it, and then hopefully have better luck in the future. One of my issues, maybe, is that the project is just so ambitious. I'm not sure what the limitations are for rooms, exits, variables, sprites, etc, in bitsy.

Thanks for the reply.


I just worked for four hours on a Bitsy game. It has a lot of rooms and exits. Out of nowhere, some tools stopped working, so I saved/downloaded the game and reloaded the browser page. I've had to do this a few times when things get glitchy.

Only this time my game came back corrupted. My avatar had reverted back to the default, the default room had appeared, and all the names of my rooms were blank. There was also a room that had all of its exits deleted.

I tried loading the file I had just saved (which I replaced my earlier file with -- doh!), and it was the same situation. I tried to salvage it, but the file is pretty corrupted. The room name data is damaged and it's making it impossible to create new exits.

TLDR: How common is it for Bitsy game data to be corrupted? Is this because of the number of rooms I had? And are there ANY solutions? Do I really have to start an entirely new file and throw hours and hours of work out the door?


Thanks, Kevx. I appreciate all the small games you give exposure to through your videos. There are so many games on here that it's nice to visit your channel to see a sampling.

Thanks for playing!