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I'm glad you enjoy them!

Thanks, Matt! I appreciate the feedback. Food for thought when continuing to refine things.

This looks great!

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There is slowdown present. Can’t do much about it, unfortunately. This isn’t Contra.  I appreciate the feedback, though. Cheers.

Edit: While the slowdown is not ideal, I think FCEUX has a way to overclock the NES emulator. I wonder what impact that might have on the game. I might have to check that out.

Thanks for the suggestions. Glad you enjoyed the early demo!

Thanks for the detailed feedback. Cheers.

Thanks for the feedback!

After you've played the demo, feel free to post any feedback, suggestions, or bugs here. Cheers.

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Thanks. I had never encountered that bug before. While I know it might be difficult to tell, do you know around where you were in Level 3?

I'll look into it. Thanks!

A very, very detailed THANKS!

Just checking on the status of this game. It was a standout at the ByteOff for me, and I think it has wild potential.

It's best played using a controller. I use a legit NES controller + adapter, but anything should be better than a keyboard. Haha. Thanks for playing.

Appreciate it. Your game's style is awesome.

Thanks. I'm currently working on adding more features and the 2-player mode, which is more difficult than it sounds when it comes to the NES (I'm terrible at optimizing objects, so slow down is an issue.)

Just an update. I had added the screens before boss fights back in November and never tested the game fully. Turns out I messed up and made it impossible to reach the level 2 boss and progress in the game. It should be fixed now, and you can play to the end of the game.

As for the collectables, the Info option at the title screen somewhat explains the mechanics of the pickups.

I'm aware of the other minor issues and am still working on them.

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Thanks for playing. The greatest reward I can hope for is that people have as much joy with this universe as I have.

While some of the issues you describe are known, the warping back to level 1 after the level 2 boss is new to me. I'll look into it.

Thanks for playing!

I can put something together and reupload.

I had it up but forgot to put it back when I uploaded the latest version. I'll have it back up soon.

You're a wizard! Technically immaculate.

Please use this space to document bugs and/or suggest minor changes to the game's design. At this advanced stage, the levels are basically content complete, but many small changes can still be made.

I know of several bugs at this point that I am actively trying to address.

Great demo! Clean, unique presentation. Looking forward to the full game with an expanded move set -- if you plan on finishing it.

Awesome start!

Bat Lizard Bonanza doesn't have a demo yet, unfortunately (it's not a Byte-Off entry). But Cat Bugs also feature in Wampus and Wart Worm Wingding.

Love the art in this one.

I love the aesthetic of this game. Feels very retro but also unique and modern.

Potential crossover with my trilogy? Cat Bugs! 

I'm impressed with the scope of the demo. Nice old school detective adventure game vibes.

A lot of potential here. It draws you in. Ease up a little on the long jumps, though.

Nice concept for a Metroidania/adventure game. Reminds me of stuff like Aquaria from circa 2007. Check that out if you haven't yet.

Very cool. Looking forward to the full game later on.

Since posting this, I've implemented a new build that starts players with three lives. It's still a one-run game, but now players have checkpoints and can die up to two times before they get a gameover. It still presents a challenge, but it's more user friendly.

I finally got around to sending you Wampus and Wart Worm on carts, Dale! But with COVID, it may take 4-6 weeks to reach you in France.

Yeah. I'll add it in an update soon.

The game was created as a challenge to be completed in a single run, so there are no plans to add a save system. When playing on an emulator or Everdrive/PowerPak, you can utilize save states.

I would like to add my NES game, Wampus, to the bundle:

Thanks for organizing this!