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You may need to access it under bundles you own. That is not up to me. That’s how Itch organizes bundle content.

Premium Edition Games is the publisher of the NES physical edition. While preorders have finished, they will have additional copies after those shipments have been fulfilled. We recommend following them on social media and reaching out. You can also grab the full game digitally on Steam or here on Itch when it launches. Thanks!

Thanks. It was made for the original NES, so that explains the style. ;) 

Rez is the GOAT.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy it.


Oratorio is a rhythm action rail-shooter for the NES. 

It's primarily inspired by games like RezChild of Eden, and Thumper.

There are currently no plans for a Sporebody NES port. It's being developed within Unity. Of course, who knows what might happen down the line. But currently Binder's Tale and Sand Ripples are the only Orebody games on the NES. ;)

We just published the proof-of-concept demo for the minimalist 2D atmospheric puzzle platformer Sporebody: An Orebody Story.

The Fungred, a race of mushroom beings, live on the periphery of what is known as the Waste Divide, hundreds of miles of desecrated, polluted earth that surround the the industrial heart of ore refining on Orebody.

In Sporebody, players guide Palo, a young Fungred, on a pilgrimage from his home cluster at the polluted edges of the Waste Divide to the Universal Veil, the core of the underground mycelium network and spiritual mecca to Palo and his people.

We hope you enjoy this first taste of what's to come.

You can download the game on its Itch page HERE

Congrats on getting this out, Cutter.

Thanks, Dan. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks. I'm aware of that issue and hope to fix it in a future update. Cheers.

This looks great. Love the chunky sprites!

It does have an end! There's about 110 normal levels, give or take. Basically, 10 worlds of 10 screens each, plus a little extra. I've been terrible about updating with the cover art. Will try to do that soon. Thanks for playing!

That's a big compliment coming from you, Max! Wink looks so good!

But, honestly, the credit goes to the pixel artists who provided the assets. I'm just trying to do them all justice.

No worries. Thanks for supporting the bundle. And it’ll always be here waiting if you ever get an itch.

It’s a ROM for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. To play on your PC, I recommend downloading the NES emulator MESEN. It’s free. You can Google it.

And if you can, play with a controller. You’ll have to configure the buttons in the emulator under Inputs.


Thanks for reaching out. Love the work you're doing. I can make a one-day bundle with a discount. Let me know, and I can set the bundle to go live.

Thanks for playing and posting the video!

I've definitely played the game using FCEUX. That's the emulator I used when making the game. You might need an updated version. Have you tried MESEN? That's the current emulator I use.

Thanks. We appreciate the supportive words!

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Hey Itch Community.! 

In celebration of the Midwest Gaming Classic happening in Milwaukee, WI from Nov. 5-7 this year, we’re releasing the first ever demo for our new NES homebrew game, Orebody: Binder’s Tale.

Orebody: Binder’s Tale is a linear platform shooter for the NES that takes place on the alien world of Orebody. As an orphaned battle bot named Binder, players fight their way to the Floating City of Galvanstad, a hovering A.I. fortress, to confront their makers and avenge the death of their mentor.

I figured some of you might be interested in checking it out.


Happy Halloween!

I'm glad you enjoy them!

Thanks, Matt! I appreciate the feedback. Food for thought when continuing to refine things.

This looks great!

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There is slowdown present. Can’t do much about it, unfortunately. This isn’t Contra.  I appreciate the feedback, though. Cheers.

Edit: While the slowdown is not ideal, I think FCEUX has a way to overclock the NES emulator. I wonder what impact that might have on the game. I might have to check that out.

Thanks for the suggestions. Glad you enjoyed the early demo!

Thanks for the detailed feedback. Cheers.

Thanks for the feedback!

After you've played the demo, feel free to post any feedback, suggestions, or bugs here. Cheers.

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Thanks. I had never encountered that bug before. While I know it might be difficult to tell, do you know around where you were in Level 3?

I'll look into it. Thanks!

A very, very detailed THANKS!

Just checking on the status of this game. It was a standout at the ByteOff for me, and I think it has wild potential.

It's best played using a controller. I use a legit NES controller + adapter, but anything should be better than a keyboard. Haha. Thanks for playing.

Appreciate it. Your game's style is awesome.

Thanks. I'm currently working on adding more features and the 2-player mode, which is more difficult than it sounds when it comes to the NES (I'm terrible at optimizing objects, so slow down is an issue.)

Just an update. I had added the screens before boss fights back in November and never tested the game fully. Turns out I messed up and made it impossible to reach the level 2 boss and progress in the game. It should be fixed now, and you can play to the end of the game.

As for the collectables, the Info option at the title screen somewhat explains the mechanics of the pickups.

I'm aware of the other minor issues and am still working on them.

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Thanks for playing. The greatest reward I can hope for is that people have as much joy with this universe as I have.