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It's a little easy tbf, but nicely presented

it might be worthing asking the developer of Hypernoid Tigerskunk to see how well that's sold/selling

In it's current state the controls need work and the character control isn't tight enough, even the initial part sliding to the side to avoid the inital boulder.  The big thing with the original was how tight the controls are.  The bombs also need to be assigned as per the orignals by pressing fire and down.  Graphically it does look nice but it needs tightening.  Also the first part I need to use a bomb somehow I dropped through the ground and was stuck.

Nice conversion.  Small note when you switch to the colour mode and die the insert coin has 2 c's for Coin but it's fine when in the normal mode.  

Good good, I did post a video on Youtube look forward to the update and thanks for supporting the Dreamcast :)

Show's some good promise.  Controlling the car is a bit awkward at the moment.

How much do you think a physical version would cost if in the UK? 

I grew up on IK+ on the Amiga and not sure if this is complete.  The hit points don't seem to count so you have no idea who is winning, the enemy AI is poor and barely move out of their starting areas. The bonus levels are not a patch on the amiga version.  For the bouncing balls levels I just moved left and right to deflect as there was no need to duck etc.  The bomb level is terrible.  Looks OK but plays poorly in comparison to the original in it's current state.  Tested on an emulator

Thank you and thank you for all your conversions they are excellent.

Hi,  I have paid for the physical edition but wasn't asked for my address, is this something that follows?

Hi, what emulator core does this work with?  I get to the loading screen using mupen64plus and the screen that says insert rumble and then it crashes.  Tried parallel and it doesn't even load.  Using Retroarch 1.9.0

Hopefully you take it somewhere as it does show promise.

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Hi it's a decent concept but lacking a little in gameplay a little but that's because of how quickly you've put it together, which is impressive.  The style is nice - especially the main character, the boss is a cake walk.  More of a concept than an actual game but like to see where you take it.

Hi John, thank you.  I'll give it some more testing and let you know. Thanks for making the games.  I'm going to try Wampus DX soon.

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I just beat the mid 1st boss and had the arrow to continue so pushed forward and died and had to restart level one,  Also the screen of enemies before the boss if you press left too much that screen reloads with the enemies? 

What are the things you collect?  

Very buggy at the moment.  Nice music though 

Edit:  Just played through level 1 & 2 (no end boss on level 2?) and takes me back to level 1, not sure the version of this is the most recent version?

Not sure if you know if you try and rush forward through the intro and then out of the mines to stage 1 you get stuck.  I've tried in Mesen and Nestopia. I'm going to reboot and give another go now.  No score or lives remaining on the main screen bugs me a bit too.  And getting to the first boss and the having to start at the beginning was an issue.

Thank you for this.  Great Tetris variant.