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I had a lot of fun with this! It's a very slick tower defence game, and I love the visuals and the music. I enjoyed it more when I made my own level, which turned out to be quite a challenge (Because the enemy spawning is the same for every level, shorter levels tend to be a lot more difficult), and it actually forced me to figure out the best places to put the towers, and when to upgrade them. Like you said in the forums, there's no real balance at the moment, but you can kind of make your own balance, with the level editor.

Great to hear that you had fun despite the "balance" :)

I was trying to make this great dynamic system but never got it working properly...the way it is right now just happens to be the state it was in once it finished breaking. I'm still a bit burned out at the moment but at some point I'll have to redo the wave system from the ground up, the current one is a mess where each wave has a fixed budget but also quotas to fulfill and in addition tries to take into account how long each enemy type lives on's pretty terrible.