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Hi Hugo! Congratulations for this great adventure, I am enjoying it very much. However, I think I spotted a bug in the Spectrum +3 CP/M version. When I reached the top of the island with the platform, the "The top of the hill etc." description appeared together with the "More" message. As soon as I pressed a key to advance, the game rolled back to the start. The same does not happen when accessing the top of the island through the stairway, or with the ZXZVM version. Hope that helps!

Oh my! Thanks for the hourough report. I will look into it!

talking about the platform, when you're on it, if you type a direction (for example "sw"), instead of just leaving the platform or saying "you need to leave the platform", you just get an empty reply. I'm amazed Samuel didn't notice this bug when beta testing :D :D

Maybe also the reduced library can't handle all situations like the regular one...

Is there an official bug report space, or is this place good enough?


This is good enough, noted. Thank you :) Poor Samuel was under a time constraint and found more than enough bugs, this is totally my fault haha. Probably a "before" that was a bit too broad and catches too many responses. Thanks!