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Hi Jonathan,

would it be possible to obtain the game as a TAP/TZX tape image file?

As it is, it does not play the music. The snapshot of the Vega version available on Spectrum Computing does, but it does not allow you to change the controls, and the keyboard scheme is unconfortable to me. 

This is a pity, because I really like the game and would like to play it in its complete form.


Good to know, take care friend :-)

Oi Rogerio,

Gostaria de deixar uma doação para o seu jogo, mas não posso.

Nada acontece quando clico no botão do PayPal.

Tentei o meu perfil de jogador e o perfil de desenvolvedor (zanklesoft), mas nada mudou.

Você pode fazer alguma coisa?

Uma saudação!

The loading screen looks nice indeed, now I am waiting to see more of the game. Best wishes with the contest mate! ;-)

Thanks for adding my name to the screen :-)
I really can't wait to try the complete game. All the best!

Hola, envié una solucciòn completa al sitio The Tipshop. Gerard la recibiò, pero aùn no sabe cuando actualizarà el sitio.

Tarde o temprano, aparecerà!

Un saludo.

Completado! No fue tàn difìcil, aunque un par de veces consulté las sugerencias, debido sobre todo a mi malo conocimiento del idioma...

Me gustaron las referencias a los trabajos de Milgram, Zimbardo y Seligman - quizàs tienes formaciòn en psicologia social?

Gracias por todo.

Hi Bruce, I don't know if you already read it, but I reviewed the game for the 2021 edition of my Annual (I downloaded it when it was offered free of charge).

Download it for free from my website:

You can copy an excerpt of the review here if you like.

Best regards, Alessandro

Hi Hugo!

I wrote a review of Tristam Island in my Spectrum Annual 2021. If you wish to read it, you can freely download it from my website:

Again, congratulations on such a great game! Now that I completed the Annual, I should continue playing it to the end :-)

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Hi Hugo! Congratulations for this great adventure, I am enjoying it very much. However, I think I spotted a bug in the Spectrum +3 CP/M version. When I reached the top of the island with the platform, the "The top of the hill etc." description appeared together with the "More" message. As soon as I pressed a key to advance, the game rolled back to the start. The same does not happen when accessing the top of the island through the stairway, or with the ZXZVM version. Hope that helps!